Registration of companies abroad.
We register companies all over the world.

Registration Company Formations and maintenance of foreign companies. We will open a company and a Bank account.
Innovative business approach
We offer a full array of offshore registration and annual maintenance services for international businesses and local companies that want to better spread their tax burden with minimal paperwork.
Your business can do better.
Opening bank accounts with more than 100 banks in Europe
Relief from taxes for your business
Company registration in 1 day
You are not required to be in the country personally
Nominal service (Europe)
Account Opening Guarantee
Free reporting
Lowest price for services on the market
Popular jurisdictions for registering a company abroad
For prices in other jurisdictions, please, contact us.
Great Britain
European imaging and a deep tradition of international tax planning, coupled with the status of a global financial center, are the secret to the popularity of companies registered in London. The authorized capital can be any. We will confirm the company's capital.
900$ for registration
+ 700$ for opening an account in Switzerland
Hong Kong
This Asian tiger, combining the features of a European financial and an Asian production and offshore center, is an ideal choice for entrepreneurs whose business consists in trade with the Far East and Southeast Asia.
2000$ for registration
+ 1900$ for opening an account in Switzerland
It is a prestigious economic zone, but it also has many differences depending on the chosen emirate. There are three types of zones: Offshore, Free Zone and Tax Zone. The price depends very much on each. There are no requirements for the deposit of share capital.
from 3000$ to 10000$ for registration
+ 1500$ for opening an account in Switzerland
+ resident visa from 10 years for free
The largest economic power cannot but enter the top ten most popular offshore territories... even without being one.
1000$ for registration
+ 1000$ for opening an account in Switzerland
A convenient and technically easy to implement double taxation avoidance agreement between Russia and Cyprus, as well as aggressive marketing policy of local lawyers provide this island republic with a steady demand on the offshore market. Among the drawbacks as of 2019, the government requires having a physical office.
2200$ for registration
+ 1000$ for opening an account in Switzerland
The reputation of a symbolic country of banking secrecy cannot but attract capital. However, you should not forget that confidentiality costs money. Quite big money.
2500$ for registration
+ 1000$ for opening an account in Switzerland
All jurisdictions to register
a company abroad
Bank account opening
under 14 days
Documents needed: passport
Annual maintenance: free
Company registration
under 1 day
Documents needed: passport
Annual maintenance: 20 000 rubles
Nominal service
under 3 days
Cab be established on a permanent basis.
Annual maintenance: not needed
* Depends on the country of registration.
** We charge you the price only once the account is opened.
Companies have age and financial histories. A company's hare capital from 1 000 000 £

Ready-made companies abroad from 2000$

Our partners are world-class industry experts

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«The right of a taxpayer to avoid paying taxes by all means permitted by law cannot be contested by anyone. Everyone has the right to conduct his financial affairs in such a manner as to minimize the relevant payments»
G. Sunderland, Judge of the U.S. Supreme Court
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