Submitting an Antrag for late resettlers to Germany

There are no negligible items in the application for the status of late resettler to Germany: each fact of the biography of the applicant and his or her ancestors is relevant in the case.
Antrag for late resettlers to Germany
If you have documents proving that you are related to an ethnic German, this does not guarantee a positive outcome of the case on recognition as a late resettler. It will take careful and thoughtful filling in an Antrag.
What is an Antrag
An Antrag S is a statement which requests that a person be recognized as complying with §4 of the Law on Banished and Displaced Persons and the grounds for such decision. The legislative norm was adopted in 1953, the latest amendments came into force in 2013. The form is available at the Embassy, the Consulate or on the website of the German Federal Administrative Office. However, these organizations do not provide explanations on how to fill in the Antrags for late resettlers.

When submitting an Antrag for permanent residence in Germany, there is a great risk of difficulties due to both the specific nature of the information and the large amount of data. The point is that this is not an ordinary application, but a detailed questionnaire consisting of 16 pages. The questions are formulated in German and answers are also accepted only in the language of the country of intended residence. When filling out an Antrag for late resettlers to Germany, it is important to understand exactly what information increases the chances of moving and how to communicate the facts to the German bureaucrats in a beneficial and competent manner.
Who can help
There is enough information about Antrags for late resettlers on the Internet, but it has significant flaws:

  1. Data become outdated and distorted. BVA requirements change from time to time, ordinary users, even with positive experience, rarely know all the nuances of the law and judicial practice.
  2. Different people's cases are individual, not every resettler understands the key factors that influenced the fate in a particular case.
  3. If there is no contract, no one is responsible for the rejection received from the Consulate.
  4. Competence in German at everyday level does not guarantee an absolute understanding of the bureaucratic "dialect".

Incorrect completion of an Antrag to Germany by oneself leads to years and months of delay in handling the case, taking up the resources to send additional status confirmations. Even a tick in the wrong place, a random inaccuracy can be considered as a reason to reject. In this case, the German pedantry may let the applicant down.

Contacting experienced lawyers at our firm prevents unnecessary loss of time for waiting and doubts:

  • we will professionally, quickly and clearly evaluate your chances of participating in the program;
  • help with the translation and certification of documents required when submitting Antrag to Germany;
  • we take care of the correspondence with BVA;
  • we fill in the Antrag for late resettlers on the basis of our experience;
we give advice at each stage of the late resettlement process.
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