Apostille for late resettlers to Germany

Answering questions of late immigrants to Germany about the apostille: which documents it should be put on, where to ask, how to avoid mistakes and unnecessary expenses.
Everything you wanted to know about the late resettlement apostille
The documents for late resettlement should not only be gathered, but also provided in a form that does not cause complaints from the German side. This means that the papers will have to be translated, notarized and put a Hague Apostille on them.
What is an apostille needed for
The purpose of an apostille for late resettlers to Germany is to confirm for officials in Germany the authenticity of documents issued by the other countries' civil registry offices. Legalization with such a stamp does not require the participation of consulates and is a guarantee that a birth or marriage certificate will be accepted in another country without any questions. This requires a certified translation of the apostilled document.

An Apostille for Late Resettlers is a rectangular stamp of the official type - a side not less than 9 cm, the title in French "Apostille (Convention de la Haye du 5 octobre 1961)". The apostille is stamped directly at the issuing institution, whatever country it is in. The certificate must be:

  • intact, without damage;
  • not laminated;
  • without corrections or unreadable text;
  • name, surname, other columns match exactly the ones in other documents.
On the legal services market there are not only honest players, but also fraudsters, whose main purpose is not to help with moving, but to make profits by any means. They are not competent enough and mislead people, delaying, if not even posing in danger the chance of getting a call from Germany. Unfortunately, the number of such experts to provide such disservices is growing.

It is also extremely risky to deal with documents on your own. It is highly probable to get rejected, and it is especially regrettable if this occurs not due to an objective reason, but due to an accidental error, negligence, lack of experience in paperwork in German bureaucratic language.
We have a solution!
Our company with 16 years of experience and a full staff of lawyers in Germany will not miss a comma in your documents. We offer a complete resettlement support package, which includes:

1. Document gathering, translation, notarization, apostille to late resettlers.
2. Filing German-language documentation.
3. National visa processing.

You can consult a personal manager who is aware of all the details of the case at any time. No extra fees will be required for a full service contract, which will help you plan the budget you need when you change your residence.
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