Buy or register an offshore in the Bahamas

Assistance in registering an offshore in the Bahamas. Book a company registration service in the Bahamas. Documents required to open an offshore in the Bahamas.
Offshore in the Bahamas: requirements, documents, registration
The Bahamas is a prestigious economic zone that allows to do international business without paying taxes. Therefore, registering an offshore in the Bahamas is a service in demand among our business clients. We register companies in the Bahamas and help with opening bank accounts.
Requirements for conducting business
In order to do business on this archipelago, the requirements are as follows:

  • IBC type company. It can be any international firm that is legally active. The only exceptions are trust or banking, insurance, and leasing offices and real estate within the Bahamas (these activities requires a license).
  • Unique company name, comprised of Latin letters.
  • One director and at least one shareholder. If you decide to buy an offshore service in the Bahamas, you can appoint a director and a shareholder among legal entities or individuals.
  • Registered office, the address of which may be outside the archipelago.
  • Holding meetings at least once a year. Meetings may also be held outside the Bahamas.

Business activities in the Bahamas do not require mandatory accounting and annual reports. All enterprise documents can be stored anywhere without providing anyone with information about directors, shareholders, banking operations and the real owner.
What is need for registering?
In order to register an offshore in the Bahamas, you will need to provide a passport and address confirmation if you are an individual. Legal entities are required to have all registration documents and passports of individuals who are also listed in the company. The list of documents may change, so you better always double-check it with us.

Your presence as of the owner is not required when setting up a firm, so it can be easier for you to delegate all the work to us. This way you will avoid wasting time on bureaucratic issues. We are engaged in the registration process from the beginning to its completion, offering affordable prices for our services.
What does the service include?
If you put us in charge of setting up the business, we will:

  • Check and confirm the name of the new company.
  • Fill in all the necessary papers.
  • Pay the registration fees and duties.
  • Include your firm in the general register.
  • Get the apostilles, if necessary.
  • Deliver you the ready-made documents.
You can find out more about doing business in the Bahamas and request a registration service from our consultant. With our help you can easily get an officially registered company and start working as soon as possible.