How to buy an offshore in Belize

Offshore registration in Belize in 1 day, you only need a passport. Offshore company creation services in Novosibirsk. Open an offshore company in Belize with us.
How to open an offshore in Belize fast and cheap?
If you want to run your business as confidentially as possible, cooperate with reliable financial organizations and pay taxes at a minimum, the best solution is to open an offshore company. Such legal entity will harmoniously fit into your corporate structure and will take on the role of tax optimizer. One of the excellent options is to open an offshore company in Belize. We will tell you about all the advantages of this zone and help to register a company in it with minimum effort.
Peculiarities of doing business in Belize
In terms of taxes, reporting and confidentiality, Belize is a classic offshore. Here are just a few of its advantages:

  • no requirements for minimum authorized capital, it can be any and it is contributed by the members in a format convenient for them;
  • no currency control;
  • no tax on the company income;
  • strict confidentiality with respect to owners of organizations as well as directors;
  • no need to report to tax authorities;
  • no citizenship requirements for the directors and owners of the company;
  • easy and fast registration.
Besides, unlike some popular economic zones, it is possible in this case to buy an offshore in Belize. In this country, there are no restrictions on transactions for the purchase and sale of firms. It is worth noting that you still have to pay taxes for your organization. It will be a fixed annual payment, which is also called a license. Its amount depends on the declared share capital.

As of now, the tax services of Belize and Russia do not exchange tax information, the situation has been like this for quite some time. However, work is being done in this direction and it is possible that in the future domestic legislation will be corrected. Among the drawbacks is also a ban on offshore companies to do business with residents of Belize, as well as to buy real estate there. But it is quite realistic to rent an office to get a legal address.
Why registering an offshore with us is the best solution
Our company is located in Novosibirsk, you can always come to our office and personally participate in the process. Offshore registration in Belize is done in just 1 day, and you will need a minimum of documents. You will not have to leave the country, everything can be done remotely, including opening an account in a foreign bank.

We will help you decide on the jurisdiction, as well as the financial organization. Each type of business has its own requirements, not all offshore zones will be suitable. Our managers have an excellent knowledge of the specifics of doing business in each of the proposed zones, so you will choose the best option. In addition, the cost of maintaining such firms is not burdensome at all.

Still got more questions? Ready to start registering a company? Want to know the prices? Leave a request for a call back or email us. We will call you back as soon as possible and answer all your questions.