Assitance to start a company in Bermuda

How to register a company in Bermuda: a detailed analysis of the offshore zone, the nuances of the registration procedure, the benefits of seeking specialist advice.
How to register a company in Bermuda?
The dream of any investor and entrepreneur is the access to international business relations on favorable terms and without restrictions. All this is possible if you register a company in Bermuda.
Advantages of the offshore
Bermuda is under British jurisdiction but has the right to self-governance, which has played a role in making the state the leading offshore zone on the world market.
Non-residents are attracted by the benefits resulting from the registration of a legal entity on the islands:
  • a wide range of financial services;
  • the possibility of cooperation with many reputable international organizations;
  • favourable corporate legislation;
  • subject to British law;
  • high transparency of doing business;
  • no currency control;
  • significant tax preferences;
  • obtaining confidentiality;
  • quick registration;
  • availability of own stock exchange;
  • no requirements for keeping the financial records within the office walls;
  • minimum list of activities for mandatory licensing;
  • exemption from reporting;
  • possibility of launching a remote registration procedure;
  • allowance of nominee shareholders and directors;
  • the right to deposit the share capital of 1 dollar.
All these advantages, along with the developed economy and infrastructure, make Bermuda the best place to start a company.
Procedure peculiarities
The way to go is all the same for any foreigner. Despite its seeming simplicity, however, it requires a great number of manipulations and actions:
  • the choice of a financially viable legal form;
  • examining permissible activities;
  • selection of the name according to the register;
  • collecting a set of paperwork;
  • contact with registration authorities and not only.
For a non-resident without experience in such cases, it will be difficult to resolve all issues within the established time frame. Therefore, it is recommended to entrust the procedure to experts.
Choosing the professionals
Our company will help you register a firm in 3 weeks with your arrival on site. We will take care of all the problems and concerns associated with this process, as well as bring the set of entitlement papers ourselves.

You can contact us for free consultation and specific company registration services in Bermuda. With our help, international business becomes simple and easy to understand!