Establishment of an offshore company and opening of an account in the bank of Bulgaria NICREDIT BULBANK

Remote registration of an offshore company in Bulgaria without the personal participation of the customer. Set up or purchase a firm in Bulgaria and open a bank account ready to operate for the company.
Establishment of an offshore company in Bulgaria
An offshore company in Bulgaria is beneficial for any business. That is why our clients often order the service of a new company establishment within this country. Registration assisted by our team allows the clients avoid collection of documents and personal participation in Bulgarian state authorities.
What is profitable business in Bulgaria?
Business in this country is beneficial, since here:
  • You can work with any country of the European Union.
  • Entrepreneurs are allowed to purchase land plots, automobiles and real estate on lease.
  • No double taxation
  • Minimum profit tax is accrued as compared to other European countries. And it amounts to 10% only.
  • Not a big amount of the charter capital is required. For a limited liability company, it shall be 1 Euro only.
Due to these advantages, an offshore company in Bulgaria is highly popular. Entrepreneurs set up new firms or purchase shelf companies with our assistance. If you purchase a ready-made company you can avoid lots of organizational issues and problems.
Requirements for the business and work conditions
Limited liability companies are most often registered in this country. To register, you shall have:

  • A director and a shareholder of any residence.
  • The address to be registered with the trade register. An address in Bulgaria shall not mandatorily be an office address. It can be an address of a rented apartment.
  • A bank account. You can open accounts in any countries but one of them shall be opened in the bank of Bulgaria.
Registration through our company will allow you ordering a service of an account opening with the NICREDIT BULBANK.

Further operation within this country will require submission of financial reports and payment of taxes for dividends. If you obtain dividends from other countries, the tax will amount to 0 - 10%. If you pay them to other countries, you will have to allocate from 0 to 5%. To get more details, please contact our specialist.
To set up an offshore company in B Bulgaria, please contact us and submit some information about the scope of activities and the size of your future business. We can provide consulting on legal and financial issues and assist you in setting up a firm.