To quickly get a student visa to Europe

What are the benefits of the student visa to the countries of the European Union? Documents required to issue a student visa to Europe. How to apply for a student visa to Europe?
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The cost of student visa services is €1000

Student visas to Europe
A lot of our fellow countrymen wish to study abroad. Since after the study, a graduate gets a diploma from a prestigious university that helps open doors to any reputable company. That is why the demand for a student visa to Europe is increasing every day. Our company is engaged in preparing documents for obtaining visas for students that would like to leave their country to study in the European Union countries. Most often our clients order visas to Austria, since this country is most suitable for any student based on the combination of the price and standard of living. However, we are well-prepared to consider any other options.
Who needs a student visa?
The word "student" for any Russian person means a person who studies in a higher educational institution. Though, in Europe this word has a broader meaning. You will be considered to be a student even if you come to Austria to take courses on advanced training, to become participant of language courses or visit a country under the students exchange programme. We can arrange for a European Union visa for either option. Visas differ in the period of stay. If your courses take 3 months, the stay permit will be issued only for this period.
Advantages of studying in the European Union
In addition to prestigious education, study in Europe also gives opportunities:

1. To attend seminars, language course, conferences and gyms.
2. To be in the linguistic environment and bring your knowledge of a foreign language to perfection.
3. To get benefits and discounts.
4. To travel through the European Union without any additional permits.
5. To use health care insurance for students.
6. To serve apprenticeship upon studying completion.
Documents for registration
A foreign passport, photos and a completed questionnaire are not enough to get a student visa to Europe. You will need some other documents, for example:

· health insurance policy;
· an official invitation from the place of study;
· tuition fee receipt;
· Certificate of Employment confirming that you have received vacation time for study (if you are employed);
· Letter of Motivation specifying the purposes of departure for training;
· a document from the future place of residence (an invitation from an individual, a residential lease contract, reservation in a hotel);
· an abstract from a bank confirming your financial reliability;
· details about the factors that guarantee your return home after graduation (your family, real estate).

If you decide to prepare all these documents on your own, it can take a lot of time. You will face lots of bureaucratic difficulties. In case you make even minor mistakes in your documents you can be denied a visa to go to Austria or to any other country of the European Union.

You can avoid such problems if you contact our company. We will help you prepare all the documents and contribute to the fast obtainment of a student visa to Europe.