Registration of an offshore company in Costa Rica

To establish an international offshore firm in the Republic of Costa Rica. Specific aspects of registering an offshore company in Costa Rica. Tax system of Costa Rica for offshore companies.
An offshore company in Costa Rica: specific aspects of companies registration
Countries of Central America take leading positions in the international business. Entrepreneurs from different countries come here to extend their businesses. There are lots of Russian businessmen among them. Russian businessmen choose different countries for their firms. They are also interested in Costa Rica.
It is not for nothing that an offshore company in Costa Rica is that attractive for Russian businessmen. Since this country is known for its stable economy and stable political system. The level of education is extremely high here. That is why it is so easy and comfortable to conduct business here. The country replenishes its budget due to tourism, electronics export and agriculture.
If you got interested in setting up an offshore company of your own in this republic, please contact our lawyers. They will help you correctly arrange for all the documents and file them to the relevant authorities. Moreover, our company can offer you shelf companies available for re-registration by a new owner.
Key facts about international companies
Not all the types of business are suitable for an offshore company in Costa Rica. You need to register a joint stock corporation. It makes it possible for you to conduct any activities (not prohibited by law) and not to pay taxes. To set up a joint stock corporation, you need to have:

1. A registration agent.
2. A registration office. It shall be located within the country.
3. Two shareholders.
4. Three directors.

Shareholders and directors can be both legal entities and individuals. You will also have to pay the charter capital.
Upon registering a new offshore firm you can start operating. Since joint stock corporations do not have to pay taxes, they do not need to submit reporting. That means you should not maintain accounting and prepare annual reports. You can easily conduct any activities without following currency exchange regulations and fulfilling requirements for locations of meetings holding and documents keeping.
You can learn additional information about an offshore company in Costa Rica by telephone. We can provide consulting on issues related to the international business and discuss our further cooperation.