To get a low percentage loan in a foreign country

To take a loan in a foreign country by employing the services of AUSLANDSFINANZAMT LTD. Conditions to be met by a non-resident to obtain a bank approval to get a loan.
Preparation of an application, support, development of a business plan to take a loan

The Cost of Services for Your Case is €500

To take a loan in a foreign country
Loans in foreign countries are mostly attractive due to low minimum interest rate. The interest rate is just 2% in most European banks. To be compared, it amounts to 13% - 365% per annum in Russia. Even in case of the global crisis, the economy of the European Union proves to be stable that is why you can at any time borrow a low percentage loan in a foreign country.

However, it is not that easy for a non-resident to obtain a positive decision on loans. Still, such practice is available and we can give qualified support and assistance. The decision on lending funds to a non-resident can be made by foreign banks based on the existing account and its dynamic operation.
Best option to get prepared for getting a loan
You can request for a loan not only from the bank where you are holding an account but in any other bank as well. For example, if you already have an account in a Swiss bank, then it will be easy for you to get a loan in a foreign country – in Germany, for example. Our company renders services of opening accounts in any bank in Europe.

For the citizens of the Russian Federation, it can be guaranteed that you can obtain an approval for your request for a loan in a foreign country, if you register your company in this country, since legal entities are practically never refused herein. Medium and small-sized businesses crediting in the European Union is applied in every country. In some countries, owners of real estate who lend their real estate and pay taxes on lending are considered to be entrepreneurs. Registration of your business in a foreign country is one of the services rendered by our company.
After you contact us and make a request, we can analyze all the states where you can get a loan under most beneficial conditions, we can help you select the country and the bank specifically for you based on your requests. We can offer you most suitable terms for getting a loan, file a request, translate all the documents into the required foreign language and make copies of the documents, submit the package of documents to a foreign bank and open a bank account in your name.

Non-residents can be given consumer and mortgage loans. To get either loan, you do not need even to leave your home, just fill in the application form on our website. We will review it during 1-2 days and send back the response to your e-mail. If you intend to apply for a loan in a foreign country for the first time, you won`t be able to do that without the assistance of qualified specialists.
Some final tips and clues for you
Please prepare the package of required documents: a foreign passport, a visa, a certificate of birth, income statement. Make assessment of your movable and immovable assets through the register and without it.
Prepare translation of the documents into the language of the country you apply to as well as make copies of all the documents.

The procedure of preparation will take 2-8 weeks.

You can borrow low percentage loans in foreign countries in US dollars, Euro and in local currency. No loans in rubles can be given to a citizen of the Russian Federation in a foreign country.

Please contact our company right now and you will get assistance of our qualified specialists in guaranteed obtaining of a low percentage loan in any foreign country.