An offshore company in the Czech Republic – registration and establishment

Official registration of an offshore company in the Czech Republic without any violations of the law. How can a ready-made firm be rapidly purchased in the Czech Republic to start officially conduct business in Europe?
Registration of an offshore company in the Czech Republic and opening of bank accounts
To set up a firm in Europe is a good way of a business fast development. An offshore company in the Czech Republic can become one of the best options here. Since this country is called a second Switzerland with good reason. The economy here is well balanced and the currency is stable, the state budget seems to be never ending and the legislation is rather loyal to foreign entrepreneurs. If you are interested in registering a company within the Czech Republic, please use our help. We will quickly officially register a firm for you and try to achieve most favourable conditions for conducting a business.
Basic advantages of the state
It`s not for nothing that foreign entrepreneurs are that interested in setting up a company in the Czech Republic. Since here:

  • The territory of the European Union allowing conducting businesses throughout the entire European economic zone.
  • No currency exchange regulations.
  • Extremely low prices of ready-made companies. With our support and assistance, you will be able to purchase a ready-made firm legally. And that will be much faster than registering a new enterprise.
  • There is an opportunity to reduce taxes. Our specialist can inform you about the ways of taxes reduction.
  • It is quite easy to acquire Residence Permit and bank loans.

This is a European country that is not on the Black Lists and has double taxation agreements with lots of countries. That is why an offshore company in the Czech Republic can favourably affect the company status and its financial health.
Types of companies
Three types of enterprises are suitable for foreign businessmen. If compared to Russian equivalents, these are:

  • Limited Liability Company;
  • Private Entrepreneur;
  • Open Joint-Stock Company.
You will need to find a unique name in the Czech language (or written in the Latin alphabet) for any of these types of companies. The name shall not coincide with any existing names or disorient the customers.

Any of these companies shall maintain reporting and pay taxes. Moreover, depending on the type of the company, the amount of the charter capital can be determined. This information can be provided by our specialist. Our specialists will help you open and register bank accounts. We cooperate with the following Czech banks:

  • CSOB;
To officially register an offshore company in the Czech Republic, please contact our consultant. Our consultant will address you with the list of required documents and answer your questions. And then you will be able to file an application and wait for the results.