To purchase a company in the Czech Republic

To purchase a ready-made company in the Czech Republic with a transparent history. Shelf companies available for purchase within the Czech Republic. Registration of an off-shore in the Czech Republic through shelf companies.
To purchase a ready-made company in the Czech Republic
The Czech Republic is one of the developed economies of the European Union where anyone can conduct a business and earn stable profit. That is why ready-made companies are of great demand amount entrepreneurs. If you do want to owe a Czech firm, we can offer you available options and help you rapidly and officially re-register it. We are also involved in setting up new enterprises.
Advantages of a ready-made firm
As compared to registration, purchase will allow you:
  • Avoiding any difficulties related to official registration. Re-registering of an enterprise is also cheaper than establishing a new firm.
  • Immediately start operating. Shelf companies have already been entered into the register and have taxpayer number. The charter capital of such companies has already been paid, therefore, there is no need to freeze the funds.
  • Start your business with a good will and reputation. All vintage companies have experience in operating and therefore they have credibility of banks and clients.
If you happen to dislike the name of the company or the scope of its activities, you can easily change these parameters when transferring the rights. All the characteristics of the company can be amended and adjusted. The only thing you are not allowed to change is the identification number. You can also set up your company from the scratch. To do that you need to offer a service of an offshore company registration in the Czech Republic.

Guarantee of a good reputation
If you are willing to purchase a company in the Czech Republic, it is better not to do it on your own. Otherwise, you risk to obtain a firm with past due loans, legal problems and a bad reputation. It is better to make use of our proposals. We sell only tried and true enterprises and confirm their transparent reputation with documents. By offering a ready-made offshore company to our clients, we verify:

  • The entire period of the company.
  • Registered owners.
  • Causes of sale.
  • Legal address

A company can be offered to a client only in case neither paragraph raises any questions or doubts.

Please contact our specialist by telephone if you need to ask some clarifying questions. Our specialist will consult you on purchasing a company in the Czech Republic and will offer you support in searching for suitable options.
Why us?
Our team offers you to set up a firm in the Czech Republic with no concerns or worries. Our ready-to-operate services include all the issues on official registration of an enterprise unit including trips to the locations. A ready to operate legal entity will be the result of our work.

To set up a firm in the Czech Republic with our team`s assistance through some other way – arrange for any stage of the procedure:

  • License acquisition;
  • Arrangement for transfer;
  • Introduction of amendments to the charter package;
  • Search for a legal address;
  • Assignment of a nominee director;
  • Solution of any issues related to the Chamber of Commerce or any other state bodies;
  • Translation of the documents and so on.
Moreover, we can help you select and purchase a ready-made company from the register that will quickly turn into the beneficial investment and will soon start bringing profit.

We work to contribute to the prosperity of your business!