To purchase an offshore company in Denmark

To purchase a shelf offshore company with a history within Denmark. What shelf companies in Denmark are suitable to be purchased on behalf of a foreign businessman?
Shelf offshore companies in Denmark that have history tried to be true
Not any country can turn to be suitable for a company purchase. The country you choose shall have the tax legislation loyal to foreigners as well as suitable conditions for manufacturing capacities distribution. Denmark is among such countries list — a developed country with a location suitable for business conducting. Here you can find a shelf offshore company with a history and become its owner within 24 hours.

Please bear in mind that purchase of such firms from mistrustful sellers can be fraught with huge difficulties. Since shelf companies can have problems with taxes or police. That is why it is better to purchase only proved to be true companies. You can do that with our assistance. All the firms proposed for purchase have been verified and have good reputation. Verifications results are documented and can be submitted to you for review. If you are interested in a new business establishment and documents preparation, we can help you with the registration process.
Best-selling lines of business
There are different vintage companies in Denmark. But most frequently they can be registered for operations within other lines of business:

  • Information technologies;
  • design;
  • biotechnologies;
  • sea transportation;
  • issue and sale of food products.
These are most demanding and popular areas of activities. However, you can order a service of an offshore company registration in Denmark and conduct any other business that is not prohibited by law.

Advantages of purchasing a firm in Denmark
This country is with good reason considered to be one of most appealing and suitable for business. If you purchase a company in Denmark, you will be able:

  • to enter the European Union market.
  • To obtain the state support.
  • To avoid double taxation.
  • To get a bank credit.
  • To obtain a residence permit. Further on you will be able to acquire a citizenship.
  • To avoid payment of taxes provided that some special conditions are observed.
Denmark is a country with the stable economy, clear and distinct laws, low bureaucracy level and good reputation. Here you can purchase a shelf firm or set up an open joint-stock company, closed joint-stock company or limited liability partnership. Since if you buy a ready-made company you get a firm with the proved to be true reputation, this option can be deemed to be most advantageous and favourable. Please call us and get the information required to purchase a company in Denmark and we can answer your questions as well as provide you with a list of options available for purchase.