What documents do late resettlers to Germany need?

The list of documents for resettlers to Germany is long, but reasonable. This includes both key information about the ancestors who may have been lost and full information about the applicant's family.
List of necessary documents for late resettlers to Germany
For those who were born before 1993, a direct ancestor with proven German roots is an important asset for emigration to Germany. There is no uniform answer to the question of what documents are needed for late resettlers to Germany: BVA (Cologne) handles the cases individually. However, one can make use of the general list of documents, which aims to give the most complete and transparent picture of the applicant, his family and ancestors in German line.
Civil registry offices documents
Late resettlers to Germany shall provide the following translated and notarized certificates:

  • marriage certificates (at the time of departure, the family must have been registered for at least 3 years);
  • children birth certificates;
  • divorce or adoption certificates, if any

The necessary documents showing kinship to an ethnic German do not require mandatory notarization. These are certificates issued by the civil registry offices (ancestors' birth, marriage, death certificates), extracts from archives. As far as possible, it is necessary to avoid gaps in the biographies of the relatives who are to resettle, as their security and lack of high positions in an authoritarian regime's authority directly influence the decision of the Federal Administrative Office.
Other required documents
The list of documents for late resettlers necessarily includes:

  1. Accompanying letter describing the situation.
  2. Completed detailed questionnaire with information about the applicant, his German ancestors and family members.
  3. Citizen's passport of the applicant.
  4. Diplomas and certificates of education.
  5. Certificates of lack of criminal record.
  6. Employment history.

Documents such as military tickets, court decisions on relocation-related matters may also be required.
Proof of language proficiency
To qualify for permanent residence in Germany, you must convince the officials that you will adapt to the new place. For the main applicant, the language requirements include either an oral interview at the Embassy or a B1 certificate from the Goethe Institute. The family members of the resettler need to learn German to the extent required by Start Deutsch Level 1. Children up to the age of 18 are exempt from all tests.

If you still have questions about what documents are required in your particular case, please contact us for advice and a full set of services. Collecting and processing documents for late resettlers in Germany is our specialty. We will help with notarization and issuing apostilles for the necessary documents, assist in visa processing, fill in the Antrag according to your data. We will take care of all your needs.
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