Offshore in the Dominican Republic – registration and formalities

Opening an offshore company in the Dominican Republic. What do you need to register an offshore company in the Dominican Republic or buy a ready-made business?
Offshore in the Dominican Republic
The Dominican is not a classic offshore. There are taxes and they're high enough. But business in this republic is still very profitable. Therefore, Russian businessmen are interested in entrepreneurship in the Dominican Republic. They apply to our company to register new offshore enterprises.

We help our clients to prepare documents correctly and reduce the time needed to start a firm. Also with our help you can buy a ready-made company in the Dominican Republic.
Advantages of doing business in the Dominican Republic
Entrepreneurship in this State is beneficial because of:

  • The presence of free industrial zones. These zones have special economic activities regimes.
  • Well-developed telecommunication systems. The Dominican Republic attracts investors not only by the tourism industry, but also by its telecommunications.
  • Excellent infrastructure.
  • No taxes in the first 20 years of operation. Also, there are no taxes on value added and capital increase. No taxes are collected from gifts and inheritance.
Once an offshore is established in the Dominican Republic, foreign businesses must pay service fees once a year. If no payment is made, the firm will be charged a fine. The fine will be increased every 3 months until the company has paid all its debts.

Requirements to the company
An offshore in the Dominican Republic is required to:

  • Get a legal address within the country. It is necessary for keeping company documents.
  • Register a shareholder and a director. It can be the same person. The number of directors will have to be specified in the company's charter.
  • Come up with a company name and register it in the registrar.
After opening a firm you will be able to work without paying taxes and submitting financial reports. You will not need a secretary. All meetings can be held outside the country. The only restriction for you will be the impossibility to conclude transactions with residents of the state, to profit from local real estate and accept bank deposits.

For more information on offshores in the Dominican Republic, please contact our consultant by phone. He will tell you how to start a business in this country or buy a ready-made offshore company.