To set up an offshore company in Estonia

Specific aspects of an offshore company in Estonia and registration requirements. To register an offshore company in Estonia or to purchase a shelf firm with a reliable reputation?
Registration of an offshore company in Estonia and banks accounts official registration
A profitable European business always goes along with a heavy tax burden. However, there can be some exceptions. You can essentially reduce tax deductions if you set up an offshore company in Estonia. Our company can help you do it. We arrange for registration of new firms within the shortest time possible provided that all the laws are observed.
Advantages and benefits of a business in Estonia
This European country makes every effort to attract foreign capital. All the possible conditions are provided here for fruitful activities of foreign companies. Let`s consider some basic and major advantages of setting up a company within this country:

1. the opportunity of cooperating all the countries of the European Union with no intermediate agents involved.
2. Reliable protection of intellectual property. For example, if you are developing some software you will not have to worry about copyright infringement.
3. Access to the European real estate purchase and residence permit registration.
4. Stable financial system.
5. Low corruption level.
Specific aspects of taxation
Companies that have registered an offshore company in Estonia will have to keep accounting records and submit relevant reports. However, they will have some beneficial options on taxes payment. For example, a company will not have to pay retained net profit tax. The received income can be invested into the business activities of the firm.

No taxes imposed before dividends payments make Estonia as beneficial for business conducting as official offshore zones. But unlike these zones the country has a good reputation and no double taxation.
Requirements for companies
We help our clients set up limited liability partnerships in the country. To register such enterprises the following conditions shall be met:

· 1 director;
· 1 shareholder;
· registered address in Estonia.

Moreover, we can help you register a private entrepreneurship. A private entrepreneur is entitled to conduct activities both within the country and outside it. In case of conducting activities abroad, the income will not be subject to taxation.

If you do not want to waste your time on setting up a new company, we can offer you to purchase a shelf firm and get an enterprise with a good reputation. Additionally, we can help you open bank accounts in TALLINN BUSINESS BANK and SWEDBANK. Please contact us and learn additional information about registering an offshore company in Estonia.