How does a Jew move to Germany?
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There are several requirements for emigrating to Germany as a Jew. We will help you to correctly assess the chances and take into account the mistakes of those who could not take advantage of them.
How does a Jew move to Germany: prospects, difficulties, help
Ethnic immigration to Germany opens up attractive prospects: living in a prosperous European Union state, legal employment, a social package, benefits for education. Some of the benefits are available only after some time, you will have to begin with obtaining a residence permit. We will tell you how does a Jew move to Germany under the program enacted by the government of the country.
Ethnicity factor
The main requirement of the German Migration Board (BAMF) is that the applicant documents the Jewish origin of his direct ancestor. Only official documents of ethnicity issued before 1990 are relevant. Genetic tests, self-perception and unverified facts are not going to work.

Previously, only the applicant's father and mother were considered as an ancestor. Since 2005, the grandsons of Jews also got a chance to move if they were born after 1990.
Other conditions
The origin alone is not enough for Jews to move to Germany. Exceptions are made for people born before January 1, 1945: as victims of Nazism, the only requirement is that they prove their belonging to the affected nation. For other applicants, the following criteria are of equal importance:

  1. Residence in the former Soviet Union, except the Baltic States.
  2. German language proficiency at a minimum of the level A1, confirmed by a certificate.
  3. Favorable integration forecast, which depends on education, work experience, family status and language skills.

As well as the main applicant, his family members also have the opportunity to move. These include spouses who have been married for at least 3 years and minor children who live together.
Formal circumstances may prevent a Jew from moving to Germany, such as:

  • having held a high rank in the Communist Party during the Soviet era;
  • criminal record;
  • suspicions of terrorism, activities against Germany

The death or abandonment of the applicant's resettlement effort puts an end to this opportunity for his or her entire family. It is also important for a Jew to leave for Germany in time to avoid losing this chance forever. After receiving a positive answer, one year is left for the fees and all questions, and three months after the national visa is issued.

In addition, the meticulous collection of all documents, taking into account the requirements of the German side, their translation, filling out questionnaires is an exhausting process that scares away many applicants. Luckily, there are professionals who are ready to take on a huge part of your concerns. 16 years of experience with migration and repatriation, savings on the purchase of a set of services, a personal manager and legal staff in Germany are at your disposal.
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