Program for Resettlement (Repatriation) of Jews to Germany

Let's have a look at what the repatriation program of Jews to Germany is and how to participate in it, avoiding the traps set by the German officials and dishonest companies.
Repatriation of Jews to Germany
Germany is a very open country for immigrants from other regions of the world: refugees from war zones, migrant workers, ethnic Germans. A special place among these belongs to the repatriation of Jews to Germany, as the state's hospitality to this ethnic group redeems the crimes of the Third Reich in the years 30-40 of the past century.
What is the Resettlement program
Repatriation is generally understood as the process of returning to one's historical motherland. The persecution of Jews before and during the Second World War forced them to flee Germany, saving their lives. When Jews are repatriated to Germany from past-soviet countires, it is not assumed that the applicant's ancestors ever lived in the German states. The Jewish resettlement program is based on the fact that all Jews born in the former Soviet Union before 1945 were oppressed. Their descendants are entitled to compensation in the form of a residence permit in the present-day Federal Republic of Germany.
Who can participate in the program
A number of conditions must be met in order to be eligible to participate in the resettlement program for Jews to Germany:
1. Have a family of ethnic Jews whose origins have been documented: father, mother or their parents.
2. Confirm your willingness to adapt to and contribute to the German society. This is done with a language certificate and integration forecast scores. However, these standards apply only to persons born after 1945, because they have not been oppressed by the German state.
Obstacles and ways of overcoming them
If you meet these requirements, apply to the German Immigration Office (BAMF) and wait for a reply. However, it is not that simple, there are often difficulties like these:
  • a rejection had already been received and in order to review the decision, it was necessary to justify the changes;
  • Information on the Internet and from known associates is contradictory, as it refers to different years and relevant legal practice; unprofessional translations of documents or questionnaires that do not reflect the picture favorably;
  • working with dishonest professionals is a waste of hope and time and money.
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