Permanent residence in Germany through family reunification

According to the law on family reunification, the children and spouses of active members of society living in Germany have the right to move in with their relatives to further receive a permanent residence permit.
Residence permit in Germany through family reunification
The reunification with relatives already living in Germany is a real opportunity to stay in the country with a guarantee and for a long time. However, this applies to the closest family members: the husband and wife, the groom and bride, the parents (or one of them) and the minor child. We tell you how to obtain a permanent residence permit in Germany through a family reunification.
How do you get a permanent residence permit
In accordance with the list of requirements and the correct processing of documents, the German Embassy issues a national visa that entitles the applicant to reside in the country on a permanent basis. Briefly, the applicants have to:

1. Get enough family income for a life acceptable by local standards.
2. Rent or own an acceptable size accommodation.
3. Learn German at a minimum level. This does not apply to children under the age of 16, for whom formal knowledge of the language is not required, while teenagers between 16 and 18 years of age, on the contrary, are required to master German at an advanced level in order to continue their studies here.

The next stage is the granting of a residence permit in Germany through family reunification. After 3 years of law-abiding life in Germany, a socially adjusted resettler will obtain a permanent residence permit in Germany.
The status of the receiving family member in Germany may vary:

  • a citizen;
  • alien holding a residence permit;
  • EU Blue Card holder - Blaue Karte in German;
  • political refugee.
What do we help with
For 16 years we have been supporting people who have decided to change their country of residence and are engaged in many different tasks - from language learning to real estate issues. We take care of the collection and processing of documents, apostilles, translation and consultation at all stages, freeing up your time for other urgent matters.

Correspondence with foreign-language agencies can be a confusing experience for an unprepared person who is not familiar with the legal nuances and differences in interpretation of laws. A whole team of lawyers in Germany will process your papers in full compliance with the requirements of German officials. A personal manager will keep you informed and always inform you about changes in the process. There will also be no overpayment - the whole package is available at a clearly fixed price. Let's make moving to Germany through a family reunification a reality.
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