Buy a ready-made company in Germany

Buy a ready-made offshore company in Germany with a proven history. Problems-free registered vintage companies in Germany with taxes and banks.
Ready-made offshore companies in Germany
Starting a new firm from scratch is very difficult, even more so if you do it abroad. It's way easier to buy a company in Germany. The ready-made company already has a reputation. It is stable and respectable in the eyes of potential partners.
In order not to make the wrong choice, it is better not to buy a company without prior checking. After all, shell companies can have both good and bad reputation (debts, problems with the law). Our company sells only reliable companies. All our vintage companies have been checked and have the pertinent documents.
German ready-made companies' advantages
First of all, Russian businessmen are interested in an offshore location in Germany with the possibility of not paying taxes or paying them in smaller amounts. We help such clients with registration and starting a company. However, you should know that entrepreneurship in this country has other advantages than a profitable tax system. The main ones are:

• Production of goods and services under a German brand. People tend to trust the German companies greatly, especially if it is a longstanding ready-made offshore company with history.
• Export of goods to the CIS free of VAT and duties (provided that you have a branch in the CIS).
• Opening of accounts with a reliable bank. You can buy a company in Germany, open bank accounts and get a cheque book and credit card.
• Registration of branches within the European Union.
• Profitable insurance. Preferential rates have been introduced for German companies in Germany.
• Subsidies and subventions.
Types of business
Starting a business in this country is possible in several ways. You can buy (or register) a:

• general partnership;
• limited partnership;
• joint stock company;
• limited liability company.

Each of these legal forms has its own share capital, tax and reporting requirements. Nevertheless, joint stock companies and limited liability companies are more suitable for foreigners. With our help, you can buy ready-made companies of any of these types in Germany.
Reporting Requirements
The Germans have always been renowned for their punctuality and pedantry. They approach the taxation system in the same way. You have to keep accounting and submit reports. If you buy a joint stock company, you will even have to publish your financial reports every year. This problem, however, doesn't stop the businessmen. After all, it pays off in full with the advantages of business in a developed European country.

Give us a call and ask us questions. We will answer them and help you buy a company in Germany.