Citizenship of Germany for the Jewish people: how to get it?

The Citizenship of Germany is a much desired goal for immigrants to this country that is attractive in every respect. Jewish immigrants obtain it by following a number of rules.
How does a Jewish person obtain German citizenship?
A permanent legal residence in Germany offers many advantages, from social guarantees to visa-free travel to most countries. We deal with how a Jewish person can obtain German citizenship without delay and without bureaucratic delays.
Obtaining a residence permit
Although having Jewish ancestors makes immigration easier, the acquisition of German citizenship for the Jewish people does not occur automatically. If the applicant's origin is proven, after a positive decision has been made, the applicant will have to go through all stages of the naturalization process, starting with the issuance of a residence permit.

The residence permit is issued by the Office for Citizenship. Having this status, the person in the country is only slightly restricted in rights. He can move freely within Germany, get employed, pursue education and receive medical care. There is also a number of restrictions:

  • he or she can leave the country only for a specified short period of time;
  • he or she will have to notify German officials of change of residence in Germany.
Citizenship of Germany
The next step is to obtain a permanent residence permit for the Jewish people in Germany. It is practically equivalent to citizenship, as it entitles Jewish people to permanent residence in the federal states and to a German passport. Full citizenship adds to these advantages the privileges of participating in the election process and holding positions in government bodies.

The question of how to obtain German citizenship has the answer: you have to live here for a long time, observe the law, speak the language and dispose of a legal source of income. For the Jewish people who received a residence permit, this prospect opens up after 8 years of permanent residence in the country. If you take an integration course and reach a high language level, the waiting period is reduced to 6 years. In this case, a former resettler is given the opportunity to:

  1. Work legally in the EU.
  2. Move around the Schengen area without problems.
  3. Benefit from social security.

Fully integrate into the German society.
Where to start
We advise you to properly assess the chances of moving to Germany under the Jewish repatriation program. The regulations of the German ministries complement each other, so it is difficult to understand them without being an expert on migration issues. The legislation is amended from time to time. The feedback from "experienced" people is contradictory to one another. Gathering the right documents under such conditions is complicated.

Our range of capabilities is enhanced by a whole staff of lawyers in Germany, who will turn the case in the right direction. Your questions will be answered by your personal manager during the process. We offer you an advantageous offer - a turnkey move, with no extra fees for specific operations. Trust our professionals with 16 years of experience.
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