We can assist in setting up a firm in Greece

To establish a company in Greece: pluses for an entrepreneur, most beneficial branches of economy, special aspects of a legal entity registration, experts` services.
Is it profitable to set up a firm in Greece?
Despite the fact that Greece is only number 72 in the list of almost 200 world powers in terms of availability for conducting a business and faces some financial difficulties, experts predict rapid economic recovery for Greece. Therefore, the subject of establishing a firm in Greece does not become less of an issue.
What is so attractive about this country?
Citizens of the Russian Federation like any other foreigners can get a long list of advantages when doing business within this republic:

  • high economic potential;
  • equal rights for citizens and non-residents;
  • clear legislative framework that excludes bureaucratic abuse of discretion;
  • tax concession;
  • no double taxation;
  • possibility to get a public grant;
  • free travel in the U государственным грантом EU;
  • Residence Permit for an entrepreneur and his members of the family;
  • affordable real estate;
  • low living expenses;
  • cheap labour;
  • business incubators functioning;
  • beneficial investments into tourism;
  • no necessity to generate employment;
  • liberal bank policy;
  • study at any European University.
Traditionally, most advantageous branches for business activities are:

  • hotel business;
  • public catering;
  • services;
  • leisure activities and recreation.
Foreigners are highly likely to succeed and increase capital in the following branches.
Specific details of a legal entity registration
The bureaucratic machine in Greece is rather slow so if you decide to register a company on your own it can be quite difficult. To register a company you need to:

  • select the legal address;
  • identify most advantageous form of a legal entity incorporation;
  • pay the duties;
  • get approval in several state authorities;
  • arrange for documents translation;
  • open a bank account and so on.
Moreover, a non-resident needs to find an accountant, a tax consultant and a lawyer from the very beginning. The listed vacancies shall be occupied due to unsteadiness of the fiscal system that is regularly amended.

It makes the procedure more complicated thus prolonging it for an indefinite period of time. To avoid any possible problems and interruptions an entrepreneur needs to rely on professionals.
Specialists` services
Our experts can help you set up a company ready to operate in Greece. We can take care of all the issued associated with the documents preparation acting as your legal representatives in the country. As a result, you will get a package of documents for the firm without leaving home.
We also offer unbundled services:

  • we prepare a set of documents;
  • we arrange for a transfer;
  • we provide legal assistance;
  • we select a name and address for a legal entity;
  • we solve the issues with regulatory bodies and so on.
Our team can assist and purchase a shelf company by choosing the most advantageous and beneficial option from the extensive register.

Your international business will flourish as a result of our work!