How can a company be registered in Luxemburg? Experts` advice.

How can a company be set up in Luxemburg: advantages of the jurisdiction, special aspects of the registration procedure, difficulties of documents preparation and recording, effectiveness of applying for experts` assistance?
How can a company be set up in Luxemburg?
Luxemburg is a small but attractive country for conducting a business. It is financially feasible for any foreigner to register a company here that is profoundly applied by Russian entrepreneurs.
Advantages of the jurisdiction
Investors strive to set up a company within the duchy since this jurisdiction is really rich in the list of advantages:

  • favourable legislative framework;
  • low tax burden;
  • no currency exchange regulation;
  • stable economic situation;
  • developed infrastructure;
  • close location to all the European markets;
  • high competitiveness rate;
  • well-coordinated and fast operation of the bureaucratic machine;
  • qualified regular labour force;
  • business conduction in several languages;
  • an opportunity to obtain a Residence Permit under the preferential system;
  • strict observation of the banking secrecy;
  • protection against double taxation;
  • transparent requirements for a legal entity.

It is also beneficial to set up a company in Luxemburg because all the information about the founders does not become publicly known. For many entrepreneurs this factor as well as other listed advantages is really crucial.
Special aspects of registering a legal entity
Any firm can be established within 2 weeks. However to be able to meet the specified timeframes, a non-resident shall be aware of the regulatory environment and have certain skills in selecting responsible persons.

Moreover, a citizen of the Russian Federation just like any other foreign citizen will have to meet a number of conditions:

  • have an effective registered address;
  • establish an office;
  • find directors and enter them into the special register;
  • get an accountant and tax consultant employed.
  • The procedure itself will require:
  • collection of a huge package of documents;
  • determination of the charter capital amount;
  • opening an account with a certain amount of funds and so on.

Not all the businessmen manage to timely fulfil all the mandatory requirements and get prepared for the registration process that is why the process becomes extended for an indefinite period of time. You can avoid such situations if you apply for assistance of qualified specialists.

Services rendered by professionals
Our team will help you register a company in Luxemburg within the shortest time possible. IF you choose our company to represent you, you will not have to leave home and acquire a complete set of documents to own a new company within the established time period.

We are ready to manage all the bits and pieces at certain stages of a company registration instead of you:

  • to arrange for transfer;
  • to find a registering agent;
  • to study the documents and make the translation;
  • to file an application to the state authorities;
  • to perform analysis of banking services;
  • to choose the legal form of a company and so on.

You can also purchase a shelf company from our register that is updated on a regular basis. This option fits better those businessmen who have no time to set up a new firm.

With our assistance Luxemburg can easily become "heart" of Your business!