What taxes are paid in Ireland?

What taxes do natural persons and legal entities pay in Ireland: fiscal system features, list of preferences, natural persons obligations, companies' payments, experts' assistance.
Taxes and taxation in Ireland
Ireland is a low-tax jurisdiction, which sounds very attractive to entrepreneurs. However, before opening a legal entity here, it is necessary to understand what taxes individuals and business entities pay in Ireland.
What does a taxpayer need to know?
The fiscal system of the country is arranged in such a way that a whole list of benefits is provided for individuals:

  • non-residents transferring their income to foreign bank accounts are exempt from payments in favor of the state;
  • members of the creative professions are completely exempt from interest payments on profits amounting up to 40,000 euros.
Obligations to the fiscal authorities come to non-residents after 6 months of residence in the country during a year. In subsequent years this interval increases to 280 days.
Companies have a legal right not to make payments if the head office is located outside Ireland.
Individuals payments
Income tax in Ireland is based on the payer's marital status:
  • the unmarried pay 20% from €32,000 and 41% of their subsequent income;
  • the married are required to deduct 20% from EUR 65,000 and 41% of the profits in excess of the amount mentioned.
Individuals also pay other taxes:

  • stamp duty is 1-12%;
  • for real estate - 0.18-0.25% of the object value;
  • for inheritance and donation - 33%;
  • social insurance - 10.75% of earnings.
In addition to the above deductions, there is also a universal social tax, depending on the amount of annual income (in euros):

  • up to 10000 – 2%;
  • up to 16000 – 4%;
  • more than 16000 – 7%.
If you have a medical card, the rate drops to 4%.

Companies' liabilities
Income tax is the main tax for small firms and large corporations. It is accrued depending on the activity of the organization:

  • trade – 12,5%;
  • other sectors – 25%.
There are also other payments for legal entities:
  • VAT – 23% (there are also reduced rates – 13,5%, 9% and 0%);
  • capital increase tax – 33%;
  • source tax – 20%
  • state fee for filing an annual report – 20-40 EUR.
During the reporting period, the supervisory authorities take the financial year following which the declaration was filed.

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