To set up an offshore company in Luxemburg

It is really possible to set up an offshore in Luxemburg without leaving Novosibirsk. All you need to register an offshore company in Luxemburg with preferential taxation in only 1 day is passport.
An offshore in Luxemburg: pluses and minuses
A legal entity within an offshore zone implies economy, financial anonymity and reliability. One of Europe`s most popular business zones is the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Well, actually this is not an offshore but the conditions for business conduction are quite attractive. Our company will help you setting up an offshore in Luxemburg quickly and easily.
What advantages you can get from registering a legal entity in Luxemburg
About 22% of GDP of this small country comes from the financial sector. Competent legislation significantly contributes to the capital inflow in fairly huge amounts. What specifically is so good about Luxemburg to conduct a business here? Basic advantages:

  • no currency exchange regulations;
  • double taxation agreements signed with lots of countries including Russia;
  • high reliability of the county`s banking system;
  • high level of the banking secrecy, real names of accounts holders as well as transactions with these accounts can be disclosed under no conditions;
  • anonymity of directors (directors are public persons) including the possibility to issue shares to bearers;
  • a wide range of legal entity forms;
  • simplified taxation and reporting.

Some negative issues that are lacking in some other offshore zones shall also be mentioned here. Registration of an offshore in Luxemburg requires submission of financial reports to the state authorities. The Report shall specify the information about the balance of assets and liabilities as well as financial performance for the reporting period. Upon generation, the Report shall be verified by an auditor and then it shall be approved by shareholders at the General Meeting. This is applicable to large companies, while those companies that employ less than 50 employees can avoid such audits. However, the reports will still have to be submitted on an annual basis.

In Luxemburg limited liability companies and holdings shall have rather impressive amount of capital assets that shall be paid immediately and in full. There is one more unpleasant moment here – you cannot just purchase an offshore in Luxemburg, the legislation of the country prohibits such transactions. However, at the same time, if you establish a firm within this zone, you will not get close attention from your domestic state services. Owning of an enterprise will not affect the business reputation since Luxemburg is not a conventional offshore zone; it is a far more serious jurisdiction.
Why should you apply for our assistance in setting up an offshore?
We are running our business in Novosibirsk without any middlemen and we are not representative offices of some firms located in the capital of our country. All you need to have to set up an international company is your passport. In some rare instances you may be required to have some other documents to open an account in the bank. Moreover:

  • we register offshore companies within 1 day;
  • we open bank accounts in more than 100 European banks (we can help you select most suitable financial form);
  • you will not have to leave the country to register a company, everything will be arranged and done without your personal participation;
  • we offer affordable prices for offshore companies establishment and support.
If you want to learn about registering a business in Luxemburg. If you still doubt if this zone is suitable for you and want to find out how much it will cost for you, please leave an application on the web-site. We will call you back immediately during the working hours. Moreover, you can contact us by e-mail: