Establishment and registration of an offshore company in Malta

Registration of offshore firms in Malta using the services of an experienced lawyer. Specific aspects of establishing an offshore in Malta and requirements for entrepreneur activities.
An offshore company in Malta: advantages
The Republic of Malta is an island country in the Mediterranean sea. It is well known as a popular tourist center. However, the economy of this country is based not only on the tourism income but also on manufacturing and processing industry. The major income that the country gains is from financial services. That is why there are lots of international companies here.

To start up a business in this republic, you need to set up an offshore in Malta. You can do that through our company. We support entrepreneurs in setting up offshore enterprises: provide consulting on legal issues and get involved into documents preparation.
Advantages of a business in Malta
It is really profitable and beneficial for foreigners to establish companies within this country. Here you can find:

1. Political stability.
2. Low taxes. Offshore companies in Malta shall pay 35% taxes. However, you will be able to return 30% due to dividends to your shareholders. In fact, you will have to pay only 5% tax.
3. No currency exchange regulations.
4. Double taxation agreements with more than 50 countries.

Malta cannot be deemed as a classical offshore zone. Therefore, it has a good reputation and is not on any black lists of other countries.
What is required to establish a firm?
You can set up a private limited liability company in this republic. To register an offshore company in Malta you will have to:

1. Find a registration office.
2. Employ a secretary.
3. Register directors and shareholders in the Charter (at least, one person).

This jurisdiction uses an open register of directors and shareholders. But here nominal services are really well developed that makes it possible for entrepreneurs to protect their personal information.

Upon your business establishment you will be able to keep your documents in any place as well as hold shareholders meeting wherever you want. You will have to prepare annual reports and maintain accounting. However, this drawback can be easily compensated by the gained income and good reputation of the company.

If you got interested in an offshore company in Malta, please contact us by phone. Our specialist will provide you with any additional information about the specific aspects of business conducting in this country as well as will recommend most profitable blueprints. Thereafter you will be able to conclude a contract with us and get to setting up a firm with the assistance of our lawyers.