An offshore zone in Norway – advantages and opportunities

Specific aspects of conducting a business and registering enterprises in the offshore zone of Norway. Advantages of establishing a firm in this country. To safely purchase a firm within the offshore zone of Norway.
An offshore zone in Norway – advantages, opportunities, and conditions
Do you want to set up a firm in a reliable country with a reasonable tax burden? In such cases an offshore company in Norway is an excellent option. In fact, this country cannot be deemed formally as an offshore zone. It has never been put on the tax heaven lists, and the taxation system here is quite conventional. However, under certain conditions, the tax burden on your enterprise can be essentially decreased. Our company is involved in registering companies throughout the world. We can help you open new horizons for your business.
Norway: specific aspects, advantages and drawbacks
The major advantage of Norway as a country for companies' registration is the political and economical stability. Moreover, it is located within the European Zone that contributes to the free conduction of a business in Europe. That is why this country is not considered to be an offshore zone:

  • Responsibility to pay income tax, VAT and dividends tax;
  • Responsibility to maintain accounting, to submit reporting as well as to undergo annual audit;
  • Requirement for the director and half of the Board members to be residents of the EU.

As a rule, foreign investors are attracted by the following forms of incorporation:

  • Equivalent of a limited liability company– Aksjeselskap (AS);
  • Equivalent of an open joint-stock company – AllmentAksjeselskap (ASA);
  • Partnership.

The choice of either form can depend on the peculiarities of the business. Our consultants will help you decide on the form of incorporation which can become most suitable for you. Despite taxes and accounting maintenance, it is reasonable to set up a legal entity in Norway. The jurisdiction has the following advantages:

  • No currency exchange regulations;
  • Double taxation agreements concluded with a large number of countries that helps avoid to pay any taxes on business activities conducted outside the country;
  • The opportunity to register or to purchase a firm within several hours due to simple bureaucratic procedures;
  • Reliability of the economical and banking systems that contributes to the effective preservation of the capital;
  • Prestige and credibility of the jurisdiction at the international arena, firms from Norway have positive reputation in the business environment;
  • Confidentiality when using the nominal service.
To beneficially and safely set up a firm within the offshore zone in Norway
To safely conduct your business in a foreign country you will have to gain support of a reliable agent. Our company deals with all the jurisdictions and ensures comprehensive support for our clients. We work in Novosibirsk and you can at any time visit our office to communicate with lawyers in person.

We can register enterprises rather fast requiring a minimum set of documents. All the procedures can be followed remotely and you will not have to leave your country. Further on, we can provide support to foreign companies and immediately solve any tasks and issues related to your business. To learn more and select most suitable jurisdiction, all you need to do is contact us by phone or request for a callback. We will contact you as soon as possible during the business day.