An offshore in Macao

Establishing an offshore company in Macao: peculiarities of the state, taxes, bookkeeping, forms of doing a business and registration of a firm. Order an offshore in Macao online!
What is interesting about an offshore in Macao?
Macao is an administrative region of China that occupies an area of 30.8 square kilometers. It is situated on the coast of South China Sea and consists of a peninsular, the island of Coloane and Taipa. Casinos, night clubs and other entertainment establishments are flourishing in the region. Casionos and gambling houses are the facilities that bring the government over 70% of income.

If an enterpreneur's activity is connected with an entertainment or a gambling business, they are welcomed to the city of excitement.
Offshores in Macao: taxes, types of companies and bookkeeping
Taxation on the territory of this region is organized in the way that foreign enterpreneurs can cut down the expenses. The first earned 200000 patacas (about 25000 dollars) are not charged. The following 100000 are imposed with 9%, and the further income is charged with 12%.

But it is possible for a businessman not to pay taxes at all in case the firm does not provide goods and services to the local residents and companies. It is also possible when the firm is run with any other currency except for MOR.

Moreover, it is advisable to choose a type of enterprise while registering a company:

1. With limited or combined liability on quotas and shares.
2. With the sole owner receiving limited liability.
3. With unlimited liability.

To establish an offshore in Macao it is obligatory to have one director and two shareholders that can be local residents and non-residents. If the number of shareholders is more than 10, it is necessary to have a foreign or a local secretary as long as they are not corporate bodies.

Offshore organizations must hand over financial reports and data on the company activity, the shareholders, the directors as well as any changes of the authorized fund. Besides in case the annual mean income for the last three years is more than 60 000 dollars and the capital is over 10 000 dollars, audit is carried out in the enterprises.
Registration and processing process
To set up a firm one has to collect a set of documents and deposit
an authorized capital. Our managers will tell you what documents are necessary in order to establish an offshore in Macao. The will also consult you for free. Call or contact us on the given number to order a ready-made company or register a new one!