Register an offshore in Bahrain

Opening of an offshore company in Bahrain: registration, documentation, benefits and forms of doing business. Offshore registration in Bahrain: online and remotely!
Open an offshore in Bahrain
The Kingdom of Bahrain is an island in the Persian Gulf in Southwest Asia. This island state has established trade relations with Pakistan and India, which allow entrepreneurs to promote their business. Another Kingdom's strength is the production and processing of oil, which accounts for about 30% of GDP.
Offshore in Bahrain: advantages and types of companies
The first advantage of an offshore in Bahrain is zero taxes. The only exception when you have to pay the tax is the extraction of oil and natural gas.

The Kingdom offers three forms of business:

  • WLL – With Limited Liability. These entities have limited liability, and also require a share capital of 20,000 dinars, which is equivalent to 53,050 dollars. The capital is paid directly to the tax authority. The firm must have 2-50 owners, as well as at least 2 directors.
  • SPC – Single Person Company. These firms are similar to individual entrepreneurs. The amount of the share capital should be 50,000 dinars - 132,600 dollars. To create an SPC in the island state you need 1 person who will act as the owner and shareholder of the firm.
  • BSC – Bahrain Stock Company. To open an offshore company you need 2 or more owners. Here entrepreneurs will have to pay the highest amount of the share capital - from 250000 dinars (from USD 663000). Businesspeople must immediately pay half of the amount to the tax authority, and the remaining 50% within 3 years.
To fully own a business, you need to open an office within the Kingdom.
Registration procedure
To register an offshore in Bahrain, legal entities need certified corporate documents, copies of passports and utility bills.

You will also need the following documents for registration:

  • foundation agreement;
  • certificate for 100% of shares of the company;
  • minutes of foundation meeting of directors;
  • certificate of establishment of the company;
  • articles;
  • round seal.
If you want to register a new business or buy a ready-made one, please call or write to the specified number.