How to get a student visa to Austria: requirements and documents

Obtaining a student visa to Austria: documents for obtaining a visa, terms of issuance and requirements for applicants. Help in the execution of all documents.
Getting a student visa in Austria
In order to enter universities in Austria, the applicant must request an invitation from the university. This process varies from university to university. For example, at a public university in Vienna you need to register on the website, download documents and wait for an invitation within 6 weeks, at another public university you need to send the original documents and wait for a decision. Anyway, we take care of everything.
Terms, requirements and documents for visas
Requests for invitations are made in different ways in different universities. For example, in order to enter the Vienna State University you need to go and register on the university website, send documents and wait for an invitation within 6 weeks. Other Austrian institutions may have a different approach: send original documents according to the list and wait. If the answer is yes, apply for a student visa to Austria.

People aged 16-30 are allowed to cross the border and study there. Applicants over 30 years of age can also apply for a visa, but they will need to write a letter of motivation stating the reasons why they want to study in Austria. Obtaining a student visa to Austria also involves filling out questionnaires, collecting a set of documents, sending them to the appropriate authority, and sometimes - passing an interview. Knowledge of the national language also plays an important role. Your knowledge of German must be at least A1, i.e. the basic level.

The visa is issued within 90-180 days with a maximum waiting time of up to six months. The main thing is to take into account the time needed for issuing documents in advance. The advantage of studying in Austria is that after obtaining a visa applicant can exchange it for a residence permit within 120 days.
The applicant must compile the following documents for his/her student visa to Austria:
  • Application for a permit;
  • 2 photos, 3,5х4,5 cm;
  • International passport with 2 blank pages and valid yet for 11 months or more;
  • Medical insurance received from an Austrian insurance company with 60,000 euros of coverage;
  • Invitation from the educational institution;
  • certificate of criminal record;
  • Documents confirming accommodation in Austria;
  • Bank certificate confirming the solvency of a citizen and indicating the possibility to use these funds in Austria;
  • Document providing the justification for the income mentioned in the certificate;
  • Not bound copies of all paperwork

Also keep in mind that if a child is under 14 years of age, he should go to school with one of the guardians. If a future student is between 14 and 18 years of age, 3 additional certificates should be attached:

  • Notarized permission to travel and study abroad from guardians.
  • Certificate of parents' marriage or divorce.
  • Birth certificate of the entrant.

All the aforementioned documents shall be notarized, copied, and translated into the required language by a certified translator or notary and then notarized again. After all the proceedings, it is left to send the document package to the Austrian Consulate and wait for confirmation.

The invitation is sent by scan to the e-mail, it is valid way of submitting it.

The documents are received by people between 16 and 35 years of age and older who are enrolled in public and private institutions of higher education. Universities rarely have age requirements, rather the competent authorities in Vienna do: for example, if you are over 30 years old, you need a convincing motivation letter. A minimum of A1 proficiency in German is required for admission to any Austrian university.

You can also take German language courses in Austria.

A long-term student visa to Austria is issued for three to six months and must be exchanged for a temporary residence permit at the competent authority in Austria within 4 months.
Getting a visa for studying
Our specialists will explain in detail how to get a student visa to Austria, as well as help with registration. The client will be required to have a set of documents and a basic knowledge of the language, and we will be able to arrange and issue visas for studying abroad. For advice and ordering, call managers or order a call-back!

At our company, students or their parents can obtain a student visa to Austria for Russians online. You will be required to have a set of documents, and as up to us, we will provide the formalities. Call or write us to get a chance to study in Austria!