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To establish a firm in Montenegro: advantages of business conducting through the Republic, specific aspects of the procedure, nuances of the registration, application for specialists` assistance.
Is it difficult to set up a firm in Montenegro?
The authorities of Montenegro are actively attracting foreign capital to develop the economy of the Republic. Moreover, they feel quite friendly towards such phenomenon as business immigration. That is why to set up a firm in Montenegro is a suitable option for those entrepreneurs who would like to quickly enter the international arena with minimum financial losses.
Advantages of the jurisdiction
When citizens of the Russian Federation and other countries establish a legal entity, they gain lots of pluses:

  • simplified procedure of Residence Permit issue;
  • no requirements for the amount of the charter capital;
  • fast operation of the bureaucratic machine;
  • minimum list of conditions for a legal entity;
  • availability of special state programmes for investors;
  • the possibility to make beneficial contributions into the tourism industry;
  • cheap real estate;
  • the legislative base complying with the EU standards;
  • a wide range of free niches;
  • cheap highly qualified labour force;
  • low costs on company service and maintenance.

It is recommended to consider the following market segments for those who plan to register a firm:

  • tourism (the season factor is the essential drawback here);
  • hotel business;
  • service business;
  • food service industry.

Most beneficial and profitable are institutions targeted at locals.
Nuances of registration
Non-residents that arrived in the Republic try to solve all the issues and problems on their own. But actually they should no rely on the simplicity of the procedure– it requires larger amount of knowledge:

  • you should know the language – local citizens are really no that bad at speaking Russian but they quite seldom show this skill;
  • regulatory framework– otherwise, you will be likely to come across fraudsters;
  • you should be aware of the specific aspects of operation at the local market.
Besides, you should bear in mind that documents preparation is a multi-step process:

  • collection of documents;
  • selection of several names for the company;
  • determination of the legal form of the company;
  • the fee shall be paid;
  • the bank account shall be opened;
  • search for a legal address and so on.

In fact, an applicant has to solve diverse problems within the shortest time possible. And an applicant has to do it all in a foreign country. That is why it is almost impossible for a foreigner to set up a firm within the established timeframe. For foreigners, 2 weeks can be extended by months provided that there are no errors made in the documents. And if time and efforts are of some value for a businessman, then it is better for this businessman to apply for professionals` assistance.
Experts` assistance
Our team will help you set up a company ready to operate in Montenegro with no extra concerns and actions. We will take on the tasks and you will finally get a full package of charter documents for the company to be established. Moreover, you will not have to leave your country.

If you suppose to register a company on your own but you still need some support at some particular steps, then you could contact us for support. Within the shortest time possible we can:

  • arrange for transfer;
  • recruit specialists;
  • recommend the lending institution and so on.
In addition to the above listed, you can purchase a ready-made company from us. Most liquid legal entities are entered into our Register that is updated on a regular basis.

You can easily set up a firm in Montenegro with us!