What is the easiest way to set up a firm in Italy? Assistance in registration

To set up a firm in Italy: advantages of the jurisdiction, specific aspects of the registration procedure, some hidden possible problems related to the process, application for specialists` assistance, list of services.
Is it difficult to establish a firm in Italy?
Italian authorities pursue the policy of motivating the foreign investors that gives really good results in combination with the stable economic growth and a huge number of vacant business niches. To be more exact, such policy increases the number of people who wish to set up a firm in Italy.
Benefits of the jurisdiction
Registration of a legal entity in this country can be characterized by a number of advantages:

  • Tax preferences;
  • Simplified procedure of registration;
  • State support of foreign legal entities;
  • Favourable investment climate;
  • Economic prospects;
  • Access to the international market;
  • Enhancement of company prestige in the eyes of their partners;
  • An opportunity to take a loan at the decrease rate;
  • A right to register affiliates within the European Union;
  • Application for obtaining a Residence Permit based on preferential grounds;
  • Business conduction with most reliable bank of the European Union;
  • Assertion of rights in European economic courts;
  • Decrease in duties when importing goods to Europe;
  • Simplification of trading with the majority of countries throughout the world.

It is better to choose most promising segment before registering a company. Specialists recommend investing into tourism and agriculture.
Specific aspects of the procedure
It seems to be rather easy to set up a firm in Italy due to the coordinated work of the bureaucratic machine. However, in fact, a non-resident can face a long list of conditions and requirements that are difficult to fulfill on one`s own:

  • Confirmation of the impeccable business reputation;
  • Financial security at a certain level;
  • Search for a valid legal entity;
  • Obtaining a tax code;
  • Preparation of a registration set of documents;
  • Development of a charter in accordance with the local legislation;
  • Translation of documents;
  • Contacting federal and regional sate institutions;
  • Selection of a director in line with the established rules and regulations.

A citizen of the Russian Federation just like any other foreigner without the status of a resident, is not entitled to manage their firm and selecting a suitable and reliable candidate can take a lot of time. As a result, the registration procedure can become really time consuming and it will take several months or even half a year to set up a company. You can avoid any delays and unexpected delays if you apply for specialists support.
Experts services
Our team will help you easily and quickly register a firm in Italy. For those who do not want to take up all the issues on your own, we can offer a package of services. It includes representation inside the country and all the required activities to establish a legal entity. As a result, you can get a package of documents without leaving home.
We can also render certain specific services, such as:

  • Translation of documents;
  • Solution of any problems related to the transfer;
  • Application to supervising authorities and so on.

You can purchase a shelf company with or assistance and re-register it within the shortest time possible.
You can feel calm about your business with our help!