We can assist in setting up a company in Estonia

To set up a firm in Estonia: advantages of the Republic, specific procedures for non-residents, difficult aspects of registering a legal entity, experts' assistance, purchase of a company.
We can help you set up a firm in Estonia
The Republic of Estonia is absolutely attractive as a start-up to arrange for an international business. Legislation and user-friendly electronic environment for a business unit official registration also contribute to the attraction of entrepreneurs from all over the world. That is why the issue of setting up a company in Estonia becomes more and more popular every year.
Specific aspects
If you are still considering the idea whether to register a company in this European country, it is recommended to study all the advantages and benefits of the jurisdiction. And they make up a rather impressively long list:

· a loyal tax mode with a zero interest rate for income;
· no necessity to introduce an Estonian into the management of the company;
· actual investment of the charter capital can be replaced with the documented declaration;
· in case of no employees and VAT number, there is no need to submit tax reporting;
· a simplified system for a business visa receipt (for one year, and then for 3 years);
· a reliable and comprehensible banking sector;
· cancellation of the "black" list of offshore companies that shall be subject to high deductions;
· getting a residence permit;
· real estate purchase with no taxes;
· vehicle purchase with no VAT;
· avoidance of double taxation;
· convenient geographic location;
· high rating of the country in Europe;
· possibility to perform without any license;
· no bureaucratic acrimony;
· free medical care;
· simple registration procedure for intellectual property;
· the policy of investors equality.

You can register a firm in Estonia to perform operations in almost any industry and branch. There is a wide range of free niches in the Republic with minimum competition for entrepreneurs.
Difficult and specific aspects of the procedure
To understand the procedure for a firm to be set up by a non-resident in Estonia, you should study:

· the legislative framework;
· the tax code;
· the list of government institutions involved into the process.

In general, the authorities do not distinguish between the foreign and local applicant, except for the following tow aspects:

1. A citizen of the Russian Federation or any other country can set up a firm in Estonia only through concluding a contract with a contact person (it can be a person with Estonian type passport and a company);
2. Documents can be submitted to the commercial register only through a notary.

The procedure itself can be carried out in the standard and electronic mode. The second option is much more expensive and is available only for those businessmen who have obtained e-Residency.

To set up a firm in Estonia, an applicant shall do the following:

· to prepare a package of articles of incorporation;
· to select the type of the legal entity;
· to think of variants of names;
· to develop a charter;
· to rent a legal address;
· to register documents in the commercial register and so on.

It is difficult to go through all the steps independently that is why it is recommended to entrust registration of a firm.
Experts services
Our team can help you set up a company in Estonia within 1 day. We can manage remote and standard procedures at the discretion of the client.

You will not have to make any effort to set up a company if you choose our 'turnkey' service – our experts can anything. In case any problems arise unexpectedly, we can also be helpful for you:

· we can arrange for transfer;
· we can arrange for remittance;
· we can find a legal address;
· we can submit the documents to the register and so on.

You can purchase a shelf company from us by selecting the best option from the updated list.

We can turn your problems into tasks!