Open a company in Ireland? Easy!

How to register a company in Ireland: advantages of low-tax jurisdiction, peculiarities and complexities of the procedure, expert assistance, services provided.
How and why register a company in Ireland?
Ireland is an economically progressive country that is interested in active trade and foreign investment. Therefore it is easy and financially profitable to start a firm here.
What does low tax jurisdiction mean for entrepreneurs?
The foreigners are attracted by the republic's loyal policy towards international business. Entrepreneurs who plan to register their companies in Ireland enjoy a number of advantages:

  • low corporate tax;
  • government support programs;
  • developed communication system;
  • stable political environment;
  • active production growth;
  • opportunity to work across the EU;
  • access to European markets;
  • lack of currency control;
  • no restrictions on exports and imports;
  • flexible taxation system;
  • easy registration.

Non-residents should pay attention to the sectors of trade and IT technologies - these are the most promising and actively supported by the authorities.
What do you have to know about the procedure?
In order to register a company, a foreigner needs to have a good language proficiency and specific knowledge of the local legislation. Otherwise, despite the seeming simplicity of registration of a legal entity, it is impossible to consider all the nuances of the procedure. They form a long list:

  • the amount of the share capital;
  • legal form;
  • name that meets the standards;
  • requirements to a director;
  • terms and conditions of cooperation with auditors;
  • rules for finding a legal address;
  • possibility to issue shares and not only.

In addition, you can only start a company if you have a set of apostilled documents. Government agencies do not accept any other options.

In order to circumvent all the pitfalls of registration and carry it out in the shortest time possible, it is worth contacting professionals with the necessary experience and knowledge.

Specialists' services
Our team will help you start a company in Ireland without any unnecessary effort. We offer different types of services, including turnkey solutions. With this option, you don't even have to leave home - our experts will do everything. If necessary, they will even travel to the country of registration to resolve any issues you may have.

We will also take care of:

  • the organization of the transfer;
  • preparation of the necessary papers;
  • apostilization;
  • finding a legal address and Irish employees;
  • features of the bureaucratic machine and not only.
If you have any questions, the full consulting services will be provided free of charge.

In addition to all the above, our experts will help you buy a ready-made company by offering you a suitable option from an extensive and regularly updated registry.