Open an offshore in Aruba

How to open an offshore company in Aruba and what does it take? Registering an offshore company or purchasing a ready-made company in Aruba through a reliable intermediary.
Offshore in Aruba
The Antilles are an elite tourism spot with entertainment for every taste. A small state, Aruba, is a part of these islands. Almost all its income is related to the tourism business. That's why Russian entrepreneurs seek here, including for registration of foreign offshore enterprises.

Our company is ready to offer you assistance in starting a business in this country. With us you will get an offshore business in Aruba without unnecessary delays and obstacles. We will advise you on the best form of business for a non-resident and register it in compliance with the law. If you want to buy a ready-made offshore company, our specialists will offer the available options.
Требования к бизнесу
Several forms of commercial ownership are in use in this state. Nevertheless, the analogue of a limited liability company is best suited for foreign entrepreneurs — A.V.V. To open it, you need to:

  • Find two shareholders with any residency. These may be natural or legal persons.
  • Register the director. You can also register a legal entity as a director in a A.V.V. In this case, however, he must be a resident of the country.
  • Contribute share capital (check with our consultant).
  • Obtain a legal address.
  • Issue at least one share with any value.
If you open your own business, you can engage in any legal activity (outside the state) without paying taxes. You may only be required to maintain accounting records.

Business on this island is not subject to currency control and does not need to be audited annually. The details of the business owner and his bank accounts are confidential.

Ask further questions over the phone or via the feedback form. We will tell you about offshores in Aruba and offer assistance in starting a business.