Pensioners late resettlers to Germany

Old age is no obstacle to moving to Germany. It is important to understand what kind of pension and benefits you can count on if you have worked in your home country for most of your life.
Pensioners late resettlers: peculiarities of resettlement to Germany
The quality of the pension provision in Germany is recognized as one of the highest in the world, along with the Scandinavian countries. However, this applies to those elderly people who have worked for the German economy all their lives and receive a full pension. The situation is more difficult for former elderly citizens of other countries who are resettling to Germany.
Which groups are entitled to a pension
The procedure for obtaining support for the elderly is described in the Foreigners' Pensions Act (FRG). To be eligible, you must submit an application to the German Pension Fund (DRV) and submit the following documents: a diploma of education, an employment and pension book, a military ID, and a birth certificate for your children.

It is important to prove continuity of work experience, otherwise your pension will be cut down. Those pensioners late resettlers who comply with Section 4 on Displaced Persons will be given significant periods in their careers:

  • work;
  • professional education;
  • military service;
  • childbirth and parenting
  • periods of disability due to illness.

Resettlers under §7, i.e., family members of the principal applicant, are unfortunately not able to expect much. Only the time spent on the education and upbringing of children is taken into account.
Pension amount
The amount of pension accruals is calculated by points and tabular coefficients, which depend on the level of qualification, type of activity of the applicant and work experience. The points are multiplied by the indexed employment rate through special pension calculation programs.

No matter how much and how hard a person worked previously, the amount of his or her pension is not comparable to that of an original German citizen. A late resettler receives no more than 25 points, and a married couple receives a maximum of 40 points for two. If the pension is not enough to reach the German minimum subsistence level, you will receive an allowance and a social flat.

It is illegal to receive both German and another country's pensions. You will either have to give up your previous pension or it will be deducted from your local security. What to do in one case or another? Please contact our company with 16 years of experience. The personal manager is always aware of the progress of your case, the German legal staff will help you prepare all necessary documents, including visa. After all, the paperwork in your new place will have a critical impact on your living standards. There will be no additional costs if you purchase the full package.
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