We can help you register a company in Peru

To register a company in Peru: advantages of the jurisdiction, specific aspects of registering a legal entity, requirements for founders, experts assistance.
Is it difficult to register a company in Peru?
Russian businessmen have been recently looking with particular interest at South America as a jurisdiction for establishing an international business. And quite often they choose the Republic of Peru to register their company despite the fact that only little reliable information about this country is available.
Advantages and financial benefit
Peru is a country with the intensely developing economy that is why entrepreneurs who decide to set up a firm within the territory of Peru enjoy really significant advantages:
  • Simultaneous use of several currencies;
  • Access to the market of the Pacific Alliance;
  • Authorities interest in foreign investors;
  • Creation of beneficial conditions for entrepreneur activities;
  • Opportunity to conduct activities in the remote mode;
  • No visas required for a lot of countries;
  • Minimum number of requirements for founders;
  • Tax preferences;
  • Low competition;
  • Cheap labour force;
  • Unrestrained money withdrawal;
  • Value of the Russian education of any scope;
  • Special programmes for IT specialists and so on.
A wide list of concessions available for small and medium-size business in the Republic. From the financial point of view, contributions to the following areas of economy can bring profit:
  • Services rendering;
  • Mining industry;
  • Export of mineral resources;
  • Tourism.
Based on the above information, we can surely say that establishment of a company in Peru is a serious step towards future opportunities which can bring essential profit.
Specific aspects of the procedure
For the citizens of the Russian Federation and other countries, establishment of a legal entity will not seem to be complicated. However, in practice this process is associated with a huge number of hidden difficulties and troubles:

  • You need to obtain an advance permission;
  • You need to generate and approve a business plan;
  • You need to choose the form of incorporation;
  • You need to decide on the name and check it against the register;
  • You need to prepare a set of charter documents;
  • You need to authenticate documents and so on.

Moreover, a non-resident shall fulfill a number of requirements:

  • To choose directors and the CEO;
  • To put signatures of the company lawyer and directors in all the documents;
  • To make translation of the documents;
  • To get a document confirming compliance;
  • To deposit the charter capital.

The authorities promise to register a firm within several weeks; however, in fact, this process extends for 2-3 months and more.
Experts services
Our company will help you register a company in Peru within the shortest time possible. If you choose services to be rendered on the turnkey basis, we can take on all the troubles to arrange for a legal entity establishment and will provide our client with a prepared package of charter documents.

Our specialists will be useful for you even at some separate stages:

  1. Arrangement for a transfer;
  2. Selection of the CEO;
  3. Preparation of an application to the District Council and so on.
Moreover, we can purchase a shelf company from the regularly updated register.

With us you will find success in any part of the universe!