Helping late resettlers

Moving to another country is a process that requires full resource mobilization. It is appropriate to take advantage of the assistance of competent resettlement to Germany lawyers in this case.
Helping late resettlers to Germany
There are many controversial points in resolving legal issues for repatriates. Legal nuances in the legislation of the two countries and language subtleties make it difficult to understand bureaucratic language. The situation is aggravated by the many fraudsters who want to earn money from the resettlers, or the consultants who are not sufficiently proficient in resettlement laws and practices.
What is support for the resettlers about
Assistance to late resettlers to Germany can be roughly divided into what is delivered upon arrival, mainly by German services, and what requires the necessary documents in the country of initial residence. If you fill out the paperwork yourself, you may be rejected: an advanced level of German is required to ensure that the decision on acceptance is made.

We help resettlers from all over the world to find their homeland in the country of their German relatives as soon as possible. Our company advises applicants on moving to Germany in the following areas:

  1. Legal assistance to late resettlers: preparation, notarization and issuing apostilles for documents for the BVA; submission of requests to archives; change of nationality through a court; issuance of a national visa upon obtaining entry permit; cooperation with lawyers in Germany; work with rejection of the German side.
  2. Filling in the Antrag in German according to the requirements of the Federal Administrative Authority; bringing relatives into the Antrag at a late date.
  3. 3Translation of documents.

Help with registration for the language test, obtaining of A1 - B1 certificate.
Our benefits and advantages
A successful 16-year experience in assisting late resettlers to Germany allowed us to develop the most efficient algorithm for gathering and processing documents. A German team of lawyers checks and monitors the entire process from start to finish.
The turnkey full range of services is made available for maximum client convenience:
• you get the whole package in one place, without wasting time looking for other companies and verifying their integrity;
• no risk of missing important information that is crucial to making a positive decision on your case or doing extra work;
• it shortens the time it takes to process documents, so you save your time;
• no extra fees;
• your personal manager handles your case and is ready to answer any questions you may have regarding it;
• In the end, a full package of services is cheaper than double-checking data, losing time and money for nonfunctioning strategies.
Providing assistance to late resettlers, we are responsible for the result: this is evidenced by the thousands of acceptance decisions received by our grateful clients
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