Registration of an offshore company in the Republic of South Africa

Advantages and benefits of setting up offshore companies within the Republic of South Africa. Quick registration of offshore companies in the Republic of South Africa through a reliable law firm.
An offshore company in the Republic of South Africa: specific features and advantages of business
You are interested in developing your business abroad. And that is why you are looking for a suitable country for your business activities. Please draw your attention to South Africa. Here it is quite profitable to set up holdings and make profit by export and import activities thus getting access to the entire continent.

Specialists of our company are involved into establishment of offshore companies in the Republic of South Africa. They have set up firms within this jurisdiction for lots of businessmen. You can also assign this task to us. We can prepare legally correct documents and support you in becoming owner of a new African enterprise. Moreover, we can offer you to purchase shelf companies registered within the territory of the Republic of South Africa.
Benefits and advantages of the jurisdiction
It is not for nothing that entrepreneurs prefer to choose South Africa for their business activities. This is because here you can find:

1. Stable social and political system.
2. Stable banking structure.
3. Financially reliable middle class.
4. Highly-developed infrastructure.
5. The country is not on the Black List of other countries.
6. Low competition, since the demand exceeds the supply. You can easily find a huge number of free niches to set up a new offshore company.
7. Possibility to obtain Residence Permit.
8. Equal conditions for local and foreign business.
9. No double taxation with 80 countries.
Specific aspects of the business
Offshore companies in the Republic of South Africa are profitable due to:

1. Transparency of the tax system.
2. No requirements for the charter capital.
3. Protection of data and details about shareholders and directors. All the information about these persons shall be hidden by default. But you can enhance this protection during registering your African offshore firm. To do that you only need to make use of our basic service.
4. No restrictions of income outflow including dividends.

Offshore companies in this country are not taxable provided a number of conditions are observed. Our lawyer can inform you thereof.

To set up a firm in this country you will have to formally prepare a registered office and find a secretary as well as register a founder. Our consultant can answer any additional questions about an offshore company in the Republic of South Africa by telephone. Please call us, learn new details and sign contracts with our company.