To set up an offshore firm in Saint Kitts and Nevis

Is it beneficial to register an offshore company in Nevis? How can an offshore company be set up in Saint Kitts and Nevis and what taxes are due in this country?
An offshore company in Saint Kitts and Nevis
Islands in the Caribbean Sea are of great interest not only for tourists. Russian entrepreneurs come here to search for beneficial conditions to set up an international business. One of most popular jurisdictions is a small country of Saint Kitts and Nevis. It is included into the United Kingdom and is subordinate to the Queen of Great Britain. Therefore, the English corporate law protecting interests of entrepreneurs is applicable here.
Observation of laws and stability of economy are the symptoms of the jurisdiction suitable for registering offshore companies. That is why lots of our clients are really interested in establishing an offshore company in Nevis. They set up firms within these sunny islands territories and conduct the permitted international business activities (it is allowed to conduct any business in this country except for those businesses that require additional licensing).
Tax legislation
An offshore company in Saint Kitts and Nevis is beneficial not only due to the British legal system. This island country:
  1. Has no taxes for foreign companies at all. However, the tax-free treatment is applicable only in cases the business activities are conducted outside the country.
  2. Has no requirements for the amount of the charter capital. Moreover, offshore companies in this country do not need to pay the charter capital.
  3. Does not need to maintain accounting records and generate reports.
  4. Does not require any audit conclusion.
  5. Has not currency exchange regulations
Advantages of the jurisdiction
It is rather easy to set up an offshore company in Nevis if you are well aware of local laws. Since here:

  1. It is possible to issue shares due bearers without par value.
  2. It is possible to register only one director and one shareholder with any residency. It can be one and the same person.
  3. It is allowed to hold meetings outside the country. Moreover, it is allowed to here to keep the documents of the company in any location.
  4. A closed type register of directors and offshore firms is used. Any information about you can become available to third parties only through the local court.

To set up an offshore company you need to arrange for registration office and agent. In any case, you can avoid even these troubles if you purchase a shelf firm.
To learn additional details about an offshore company in Nevis, please call us by telephone. Moreover, you can leave an application on the web-site and state all the issues.