To purchase a shelf company in Switzerland

Why is it easier and more beneficial to purchase a shelf company than to register a company from the scratch in Switzerland? How can a company with a history be purchased in Switzerland with no debts and claims?
Offshore shelf companies with a history in Switzerland
A recently established company can also raise doubts amount potential partners and investors. That is why many of our clients prefer buying a shelf company in Switzerland to setting up a new firm from the scratch. In this case they can get a company with a reliable reputation that has already been existing for several years and has not problems with the authorities. Foreign investors and large brands are usually eager to cooperate with such companies.

Besides a good reputation and long-lasting history, the shelf companies offered can be characterized by a number of other advantages. For example, they allow significantly and essentially decrease the time required for companies official registration.
How can a new firm be set up?
When we register an offshore company in Switzerland from the scratch for our clients we perform the following actions:

  • We register a new enterprise with the Tax Office and Trade Registry.
  • We make the required registration with the statistical authorities.
  • We also make registration with the Social Insurance Service.
  • We open a bank account.
All these processes may take several weeks. If the date of a new business launching is not that critical for you, we can help you with the registration process and register a new firm officially within Switzerland. If you are expecting for urgent transactions to be made, if you need to sign contracts, to make commercial calculations and other issues, it will be easier for you to purchase a company in Switzerland and immediately obtain a package of documents. We will familiarize you with the list of shelf companies ready for sale, and then you will be able to choose most suitable option for you.
Advantages of a shelf company
The shelf companies in Switzerland on our offer list already have:

  • An imposing name not interfering with other brands.
  • A clearly identified scope of activities.
  • Paid charter capital.
  • Legal address.
  • An account in the reliable bank.
  • Registration with the Social Insurance Service and Tax Office.
That is why it is much easier and faster to purchase a company in Switzerland than register a firm from the scratch. All the companies that we offer have been verified for debts and any claims. This can be confirmed with the certified and endorsed documents on vintage companies verification.

If you are interested in a new offshore company with a history you can purchase it with our assistance and support. Moreover, the option of setting up a new firm within Switzerland is also available. Please call us and get the details on cooperation.