Spouses of late resettlers: rules of registration

There are several options for the spouses of late resettlers to travel to the historical homeland of their " second half". Let's talk about the advantages and ways of solving problems.
Spouses of late resettlers
Not only a descendant of an ethnic German or a German who lived in the former Soviet Union, but also his or her family members are eligible for the late resettlement program. The spouses of the main applicants can in any case move to Germany, but depending on the length of marriage, their status in the new location will vary according to a number of parameters.
How to formalize a wife or husband
The wife or the husband of the late resettler is specified in a special section on relatives in the Antrag. There are 2 options to choose from:

  • do it at the same time as submitting the main applicant's application;
  • include the "second half" posteriorly, after the resettlement of one of the spouses to Germany, with the main applicant settling first and living in Germany at that time.
If the principal applicant, who originates from an ethnic German, enters the country under §4, the wife of the late resettler is assigned §7 or §8. This applies equally to the husband of a woman participating in the program. Once the status is granted, it is impossible to change the paragraph, so it is worth considering the pros and cons of the new provision in advance.
  1. Marriage of more than 3 years - The spouses of late immigrants are assigned §7. This entitles them to German citizenship, passport and to attend integration courses. It is not necessary to renounce their previous citizenship. The same section of the law also applies to children of late resettlers who were born before leaving for Germany and other direct descendants who have not left the former Soviet Union for a long time.
  2. Marriage was concluded less than 3 years ago at the time of application - spouses expect §8, i.e. they enter Germany as foreign nationals without obtaining citizenship and identity cards (Ausweiss). It is possible to obtain a German passport in the fourth year of marriage at the earliest after 2 years of residence in the country.
The work experience obtained in the home country is not counted for the spouses of the principal applicant.
Information about wives and husbands and documents confirming their status (marriage certificate, passport, etc.) are submitted to the BVA. The resettler's legal age relatives must also show a minimum of language skills sufficient for living in Germany in the beginning. This is level A1 - an understanding of elementary subjects and the ability to conduct conversations on everyday topics, written language skills at elementary level.

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