Fast registration of an offshore in the UAE and opening bank accounts

Offshores in the UAE attract entrepreneurs thanks to being tax and annual reports-free. Therefore, many of our clients are interested in registering an offshore in the UAE.
Offshore registration in the UAE
The United Arab Emirates is a country where you can do international business without tax on profits. This is why many legal entities are interested in a UAE offshore. With the help of our company, they register a new company and start working in a few days from filing an application.
Free economic zones
In the United Arab Emirates, not the entire territory of the State is offshore, but separate zones with favourable conditions for foreign investors. Here it is possible to use 100% of foreign capital, not to pay taxes on profits and enjoy favorable customs conditions.
To register an offshore in the UAE you can choose one of the following zones: Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman. The terms and conditions in these free zones are virtually the same. Here you can:

• Perform any international activity. Entrepreneurs are granted licenses for general trade or sale of certain categories of goods, as well as for production of goods and provision of services.
• Receive resident visas.
• Buy real estate within the state.
• Not pay income taxes at all.
• Not submit reports to regulatory authorities. If you choose to work in Ajman or Ras al-Khaymah, you will not have to do annual reporting. This doesn't apply to the Dubai Economic Zone.
• Be a founder of other companies, both in the Emirates and abroad.
• Open bank accounts and make deposits in the UAE and other countries. If you register through our company, we will help you open accounts with MASHREQ BANK, NOOR ISLAMIC BANK or EMIRATES NBD.
Restrictions for entrepreneurs
Offshores in the UAE are subject to several limitations. You should know that:

• Economic activity shall be conducted only outside the state. You will not be able to work inside the country and receive funds from legal entities registered in the United Arab Emirates.
• It is prohibited to rent an office within the country.
• A special license will be required for banking and insurance activities.
Register a company
With our help you can buy a ready-made company and significantly accelerate the opening of business. If you decide to start a business from scratch, we will offer to register an offshore company in the UAE. It will only take a few days, during which you will be rid of independent preparation and legalization of documents. Take advantage of the convenient turnkey company registration service by calling us by phone or writing to us by e-mail.