Start an offshore in the US or buy a ready-made company?

According to the tax law only a few states and only one type of company are suitable for offshore operations in the USA. Difficulties of independent registration of American offshore companies.
US offshores: peculiarities of new company incorporation
The United States of America is not an offshore zone as such, but even with this limitation, offshore locations in the United States are formed and operate on favorable terms. These companies are registered in Delaware, Wyoming, Nevada and South Dakota. These states have tax breaks. They allow entrepreneurs to do business legally and to do so in a prosperous country that is not on the blacklists of other states.
We set up offshore operations in the United States for our clients. With our help, they quickly begin to work and generate income. We can also offer you to buy a ready-made company and not waste time on registration from scratch.
What do you need for registration and work?
It is recommended to stick to a limited liability company in this country. Such a company may engage in any activity not prohibited by law, except banking, trust and insurance. A special license is required for these activities. When you open a company you will not be required to have any share capital.
In America, there are other important peculiarities of starting and doing business for foreigners. The main ones are:

• Paid registration and the need for annual payment. To register a company, you will have to pay from 5 thousand dollars. You will then have to pay the same amount every year.
• The company is registered as a legal entity of the United States, so you will have to declare bank accounts and file declarations with the IRS. Offshore companies in America, which are registered in the mentioned states and work outside the country, do not pay taxes.
• The company must have 1 director and 1 shareholder (at least). As an option, it is possible to make a director a shareholder, but it is better not to do so. In this case, you may be perceived as a private entrepreneur with unlimited liability.
• If you are registering in Delaware, we recommend that you use a nominal service. In this state, shareholder data is publicly available.

Other peculiarities of doing business in America can be found in our company.
Registration procedure
We advise you not to register on your own, as the legislation in this country is very complicated. It is better to provide us with all the necessary documents, and we will open the company for you remotely, without your presence. To register an offshore in the USA you will need copies of individual passports and copies of corporate incorporation documents. Upon receipt of these documents, we will begin our work immediately.