An offshore company in Vanuatu – documents preparation and registration

Benefits from registering an offshore company in Vanuatu. Requirements for offshore companies in Vanuatu. To register a new offshore firm in Vanuatu or purchase a shelf company.
An offshore company: registration procedure and regulations
Russian entrepreneurs set up offshore companies in different companies. But not every state provides an opportunity for foreign businessmen not to pay taxes. This does not apply to Vanuatu. Here international companies are fully exempt from taxes. They do not have to maintain accounting records and prepare annual reports. These companies do not face problems with impracticable charter capital, currency exchange regulation and other issues related to entrepreneurs in the countries.
If you are interested in an offshore company registration in Vanuatu, please apply for our assistance. We will advise you on any issues, prepare documents and speed up the company preparation process. If you wish, you can avoid registering a new firm and purchase a shelf company. In this case you will get a shelf company put on the register and not having any problems with the law. You can conduct any business activities allowed by the local legislation if you become owner of such a company.
What is required to register a company?
To register an offshore company, it is required:

  • to think of a unique name for the company. It may include three characters of any alphabet.
  • to rent an office within the premises of the islands and employ a registration agent.
  • to prepare a director and shareholder. Nominal services can be used to register them. To set up a company 1 shareholder and 1 director will be enough but you are allowed to register a larger number.

This country has no agreements preventing double taxation. But still we can find some advantages here. If you do your business activities on the islands you will be holding meetings in any country and keep documents of the firm in any unrestricted place. Here you do not need to worry about access to your private information from third parties. All the information about directors and shareholders is closed and can be disclosed only upon the court decision.

Registration procedure
If you make up your mind to purchase an offshore company in Vanuatu, we will check and register the name of the company, complete all the documents, pay all the fees and duties, as well as perform apostilization, if necessary. Please call us and clarify the information on the issues under concern and get answers of the experienced specialist.