A business visa to Germany– assistance in obtaining and documents preparation

Individual entrepreneurship, business establishment is not possible in Germany without obtaining a business visa. Here we will tell you how to get an invitation from the Germany party.
Assistance in obtaining a business visa to Germany
The economic environment of Germany has recently warmed up as related to foreign entrepreneurs. To obtain a business visa, it is no longer necessary to confirm the value and significance of your initiative undertaking for the region or to involve a definite number of employees. A business visa is a sub-type of a tourist visa; however, it bears some distinct features and requires a specific list of documents.
Rules of visa issuing
A business visa to Germany is required in the following cases of visit:

· to set up a company and cooperate with German partners;
· to participate in events, seminars for business;
· to go on a business trip;
· international consignments;
· to participate in exchange programmes, grants for science and research

Travel financing is acceptable for both the receiving party and the Russian party. In both cases, it will be necessary to provide information about the coverage of all the expenses on hotel accommodation and activities implementation.

If such information is submitted correctly and adequately, a business visa to Germany can be issued for a long period of time and will give you the right to travel to any Schengen country. The successful operation of your company will greatly contribute to the possibility to move to the Federal Republic of Germany for permanent residence, including with your family.
A business visa to Germany can be issued in case of invitation (Einladung) of the receiving party – a company on the Business Register. It is better to submit the document in the original copy certified by stamping or facsimile to the Consulate. It shall be printed using the letterhead of a German legal entity in the German or English language.

Moreover, a statement specifying the name of the job position, the record of work (years) as well as the salary of the applicant. Any contracts, programmes of events and activities – just any papers proving the serious intentions and business purposes of the applicant can be helpful here.

A foreign passport containing at least two blank pages, a medical care insurance, photographs of the specified format and a citizen passport are also required. The consulate reserves the right to request any additional documents for a business visa to Germany missing for completeness or to invite a person for an interview to clarify his/her intentions.
Assistance in preparing documents for a visa
Every specific case related to business trips shall require a specific approach. Representatives of short-lived companies compromise and challenge the effort to obtain a business visa due to lack of experience in preparing documents for that kind of visa. Failure to meet the deadlines, violation of plans and agreements – are exactly not the things required for an effective business.

We can arrange an invitation letter from a company registered in the Federal Republic of Germany to provide for a long-term stay inside the country based on the relevant visa. The cost of a complete package of services for a business visa on a turnkey basis is 100 000 rubles, and the price comprises anything: issue of a work permit, an invitation letter, application of documents to the visa centre of Germany as well as any intermediate associated steps specific for your particular situation.
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