Business visa to France – support in documents preparation

A long-term visa to France will give you an opportunity to stay in the country during 3 months per six months. We will help you arrange for all the documents.
Business visa to France
France is not just a beautiful country with the changeless romantic image, it is also a state of the European Union with the developed economy that is willing to take in businessmen from all over the world. However, the bureaucratic formalities shall be observed with the full severity: to get a business visa to France you will have to diligently prepare all the documents as per the rules set forth for this type of travel. To somehow speed this process up as well as to mitigate the risk of refusal you should consider the possibility to apply for intermediary services.
Specific features of a business visa
One cannot get this visa until reaching the age of 23 years. A business visa to France refers to touristic Schengen visas of class C. However, if there can be no questions about the motivation for tourists who strive to soak up the splendid sights of Paris or Provence, if you plan any business trip to France, you will have to justify the feasibility and necessity for such a trip:

  • You will have you prove that you have some French partners by means of the Invitation Letter sent on behalf of a local company. The language of the letter shall be French or English, no need to submit the original copy. It shall be valid during 1 month, upon this term expiration you will have to get the Invitation Letter again.
  • It is required to submit the Work Reference for the person who is about to go on a business trip to this foreign country. The company`s letterhead shall specify the job position, the average salary; this information can be submitted even in the Russian language.
  • If possible, you should supplement this information with some other data on your firm – copies of the charter documents, advertising prospectus, business cards that provide some rough idea of the business activities.
Standard package of documents
The list of documents required to get a business visa to France cannot be considered to be full and complete without the following:

  • a questionnaire with the data on the applicant completed in print letters;
  • recent colour professional photographs;
  • evidence of the material base available for the travel period that can be provided for by the departing or receiving party – presented in the form of a bank statement;
  • a foreign travel passport with two empty pages, signature and validity period that shall expire not less than 3 months after returning to the native country;
  • medical insurance;
  • copies of flight tickets;
  • hotel booking voucher for the required dates;
  • copies of all the pages of the Russian passport.
Where you can apply for assistance and support
Consulates and embassies do not give any explanations on the correctness of paperwork to get a business visa to France. In case of incorrect completion of documents forms, no proper and competent translation or in case of failure to understand the crucial specific aspects, there is risk of losing time when getting a refusal of a visa. To definitely ensure the possibility of long-term staying in a foreign country, please contact our company.

The cost of complete service on documents preparation for a business visa to France is 100 000 rubles. All the formalities involved starting from receiving an official invitation till the documents submission to the visa centre will become concern of ours without pinning you down to anything so that you could do some other things and recreate.