We can help you prepare and issue an employment visa to Germany

Here we will tell you about a business visa to Germany: preferred professions and qualifications, the procedure as well as the rules for obtaining a visa, underlying potential problems and methods to avoid them with the assistance of experienced lawyers.
We can arrange a business visa to Germany
Germany is open for labour migrants from different countries; however, we do not recommend counting on warm hospitality for all categories of employees. Rules for the Russians are different from regulations applied to the citizens of the EU. It is not that easy to apply for an employment visa to Germany, though there are opportunities to simplify this process.
Who is welcomed in Germany?
A specific procedure and a number of preferences apply to the skilled and highly-qualified personnel, whose costs start from Euro 3 thou. per month at the labour market. These are IT experts, software men, doctors, and engineers applying for an employment visa to Germany as the EU Blue Card.

A standard employment visa to Germany has been developed for the Russians and can be issued as per the following procedure:

1. Search for and finding a vacancy.
2. Conclusion of an employment agreement with the employer upon invitation.
3. Confirmation from the Federal employment Agency.
4. Issue of a Moving Permit.

At the same time, a foreign employee shall be of a certain value and have the specialization that is of great demand in the Federal Republic of Germany. Personnel without any education or qualification is not considered at all.
Documents required
National D-type visa gives the right for a long-term staying within the country. It should be distinguished from the visa that gives an opportunity to search for an on-site job that does not require any contract with a company.

The list of documents required for an employment visa consists of:

· an international passport;
· an internal passport;
· an employment record book and a biography detailing previous places of employment;
· a letter of motivation;
· certificate of language proficiency, diplomas certifying the qualification;
· photographs;
· medical care insurance;
· a completed application form;
· details about the company where a specialist would like to be employed, about the job position, salary, working conditions.

Visa application charge is Euro 75. Biometrics to be paid additionally, if required.
How to get a contract
The main difficulty related to the official work in Germany is that you need to find a job while staying in your country before leaving for Germany. An employer can have no experience in working with foreign human resources and be afraid of the bureaucracy issues even more than the applicant who is interested in getting a job. The employee needs to get not just a simple consent but actual forms and papers to be submitted to the Visa Division. And it takes some time to settle all the issues.

You cannot buy a job, while the right for work activities at a firm registered within the Federal Republic of Germany is absolutely acceptable. We can arrange an employment visa to Germany through invitation issued by the officially registered legal entity – our German company. The cost of services rendered on the turnkey basis is 100 000 rubles, while the set of services include Work Permit, arrangement of an Invitation Letter from a company, submission of all the related documents to the visa center. The question "How much is the visa?" should be re-worded to read "How much is it to move to one of most developed economies of the world when such a move is that beneficial?" This is just the case when the value is much greater than the price.