Business visa to Spain - help with formalities

Business contacts with Spanish companies are a promising line of business development, for which it is important to obtain a special visa with the right to stay for a long time.
Business visa to Spain
Spain offers not only exciting vacation destinations, but also opportunities to develop cooperation with partners from all over the world. When planning a trip for the purpose of signing a contract, participating in negotiations or industry conferences, many foreign citizens will need to obtain a business visa, which differs from a tourist visa in a number of features.
Call from partners
The main paper upon which the Consulate issues a business visa to Spain is the official invitation of the host party, written in Spanish or English. This document confirms the authenticity of the entrepreneurial intentions and gives an idea of the applicant's occupation. It is drawn up on the organization's letterhead and contains the following key points:

  • contact details of the Spanish company;
  • personal information about the person entering: name, surname, date of birth, passport number and nationality;
  • exact date of travel;
  • purpose of travel;
  • details of the specific host staff member in the organization.
Transparency in the description of travel expenses and the willingness of the inviting company to take over the financial support of the partner's stay are recommended.
Other documents
You will need a valid international passport and standard photographs. Equally important for obtaining a business visa to Spain and providing information related to the justification of the departure category:

  • A copy of the national identity card (DNI) of the person whose signature is on the invitation or his/her residence permit, depending on his/her status.
  • A short questionnaire signed by the departing citizen.
  • A certificate from the employer stating the position, salary (not lower than a certain amount) and period of working in the company.
  • Letter of accompaniment, which almost duplicates the invitation in its sense. A request to expedite the issuance of a business visa to Spain can also be submitted, if so the situation requires.
  • Confirmed booking of a hotel, hostel, apartment or a house rental agreement.
  • Tickets all along the route.
  • Bank statement confirming solvency.
  • Health insurance
Where to seek help
The list of requirements is extensive, the success of the whole process depends on their correct execution and timeliness. A busy person with international contacts does not have time to deal with numerous paperwork and formalities. We will take care of your concerns: from sending an invitation on behalf of our company to submitting the documents to the visa application center. You can count on comprehensive visa advice to start a business in Spain that entitles you to a long stay.