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How to get a residence permit in Austria for yourself and your family members? Getting a residence permit in Austria through nominal employment or starting a business.
Obtaining Austrian citizenship
Want to become a citizen of the European Union? All you need to do to make it real is to contact our company. We help our clients to obtain Austrian citizenship and guarantee a 100% result. By becoming a citizen of this European country, you will be able to travel all over the European Union without additional documents and permits. You will also have access to Canada.
Ways og obtaining citizenship
In order to become a citizen of a developed European state, you need to get a nominal job or open a company in Austria. In the first case, we will act through the AMS labour service. Our nominal employer will apply to this service for finding an employee. Candidates will be presented to him, as he must first of all consider Austrian and European candidates. But he will make a choice in your favor. After that you won't have to work. We'll take care of the taxes, as they're part of the package.

If you decide to open a company for Austrian citizenship, the costs of establishing it and the taxes will also be included in the package. We will put half of the share capital (17500 €) on a bank account. You can use it to pay €2500 for registration fees, contracting, state fees, notary services and other costs. You will have to deposit the remaining half of the share capital on your account within 2 years.

After that you will be issued a Blue Card (Blaue Karte EU) with no language requirements. It is valid for 2 years, then we will extend it for another 3 years (this will be done by our lawyer in Austria). In 5 years you will be able to get a residence permit, and in 1 year after that you will be able to apply for citizenship.

Our specialists work with the client from the moment of preparation of the documents until the receipt of Blaue Karte EU at the magistrate. They will help you with:

  • finding an appartment;
  • registering a company of finding a job;
  • enrolling your children to kindergarten;
  • changing your driver's licence and other things.
You can get legal assistance at any time.

Initial consultation cost
Our first consultation costs 500 euros (the money will be included in the total cost of the package if you choose to continue our cooperation). This price is due to the individual approach to each client, thorough verification of documents and consultation with an Austrian lawyer. For an initial consultation on Austrian citizenship for Russians, the following documents should be prepared for all family members:

  • birth certificates;
  • diplomae;
  • driver licences;
  • criminal record certificates;
  • employment records;
  • ID documents (both national and international);
  • income certificates;
  • military IDs;
  • business registration certificates.
Total price of the service
If you travel alone, the price of the service for you will be €40000. For a family, the move will cost €60000. In both cases you will have to pay a 50% prepayment (i.e. €20000 or €30000). Additional costs are not included in the package. You will have to pay at least €400 extra per month for the apartment. You will have to pay a deposit 3 months in advance and pay a commission to the real estate agency (the agency's services are valued as the cost of a two-month rent with tax). You will also have to pay local insurance (from €300 per month). We provide clients with insurance along with employment, but it is up to the client to pay for it. These and other expenses are charged separately and are not included in the package of 40000 or 60000 euros.

Our prices are quite reasonable, there is no need to be looking for cheaper options. Many people are interested in how to get Austrian citizenship and find offers from 2000 euros for Hungary, Latvia, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria or Cyprus. All these offers are related to the search for ancestors and family reunion. Trusting such intermediaries, people move to another country and live there for years practically illegally, eventually ending up without getting the citizenship they had been promised.
We offer something completely different. We've got:
  • • a lot of experience (since 1994);
  • 100% result;
  • Deal based on contract (legal entity registered in England and Russia);
  • legal work with each client, from the filing of documents to the final;
  • refund guarantee in case of fail;
  • personal manager and an Austrian lawyer for each client.
We dedicate hours and hours to working with our customers. This work is used to calculate the contract amount. You will appreciate the fairness of our rates if you compare them to the rates of Austrian lawyers. Any lawyer in Austria charges 15-18 thousand euros for his services, while not even guaranteeing anything to the client. We have a 100% guarantee of the result or refund.

You can get a brief consultation by phone for free, but a personal consultation will cost 500 euros. During this consultation we will explain in detail how to obtain Austrian citizenship for a Russian citizen. To get to the consultation, contact us and answer questions about outgoing family members, their education and interests in Austria.
From Monday to Friday, 8:00-20:00 Moscow time.
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